After last year's world premiere of the Maserati GranTurismo at Geneva, the company will be unveiling its flagship model, the GranTurismo S during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. As speculated previously the "S" will breathe from a new heart, a 440BHP 4.7L V8 coupled with a brand new "Electro-Actuated" Gearbox.

A new braking system which has been developed in conjunction with Brembo will be fitted to the latest iteration of the GranTurismo. The system was introduced in the Quattroporte Sport GT S, featuring 6-piston brake calipers, to ensure stopping at the red lights.

The exterior of the already stunning body will receive minor aesthetic modifications, defining the car as special, while remaining true to the original design by Italian design house Pininfarina.

After many reviews of the GranTurismo recommending more power and better braking, the "S" should keep those journalists silenced for the time being.