Porsche is sticking by its earlier claims that London’s new £25 congestion charge is too harsh and that a majority of Londoners agree. The German sports carmaker has now published details of a recent poll of sentiment towards the new charges and is requesting that Mayor Ken Livingstone do the same.

The independent poll was referenced by Livingstone back in December when he claimed the public were in support of the new charges. According to the results, 74% of Londoners believe the increase in the congestion charge to £25 is too high, 62% think it was brought in as a way to raise revenue rather than help the environment and 81% think it will be bad for local business. According to the rules of the British Polling Council, anyone who refers to its studies in a public context must also make public the full details of the poll.

Essentially, Livingstone’s previous claims of support for the new congestion charge is based on false information and Porsche wants the London Mayor to fess up. Porsche has even gone so far to take legal action against Livingstone, requesting a judicial review of the emissions charge a government authority so that the scheme can be revised.

The charges have been designed with sports cars and SUV’s in mind however there have been suggestions that it will have little effect on overall emissions and that a greater focus on commercial pollution is needed. Sports car manufacturers will be hard hit by legislation such as this - especially Porsche, which only produces sports cars in relatively small volumes and thus relies on established markets to maintain profit.