GTM’s 40TR roadster was only launched last year but the ultra-light racer has already undergone a major overhaul and is set to appear in revised form at this year’s Autosport show in the UK. The upgrade was done to create a special anniversary model to celebrate 40 years of GTM Cars and like the original version it will be launched with both track and road-goad versions.

Standard fit is a 220hp Honda Civic Type R engine offering 0-60mph performance of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph. Power is delivered by a six-speed Honda gearbox with a limited slip differential. Structurally, the 40TR uses a composite monocoque chassis with an exposed aluminum superstructure and a full carbon-fiber tub.

The 40TR is currently available to order and is scheduled to undergo final testing over the coming months to ensure reliability before the first vehicles are delivered in April. Prices are yet to be confirmed but are expected to start at close to £9,000 ($18,150) for self build kit and up to £19,000 ($38,300) for a full factory built car.