After a bright start six years ago Scion’s sales have tanked and unless action is taken things are set to get worse. The Toyota budget brand sold just 130,000 cars last year, down 25% on the previous year, and officials are predicting volumes to remain unchanged this year. Most of the blame has been directed towards Scion’s limited lineup, although a weak car market was also a factor in the equation.

Scion has developed a new turnaround plan, which involves adding a host of new models and several technological innovations. Speaking with The Detroit News, Scion vice president Jack Hollis said the company may double its lineup by adding three new models within the next couple of years.

"We need to think about how we will bring more young and new customers into the Toyota family," Hollis said. "Looking at fresh new concepts is something that Scion will be doing more often as we consider the possibility of adding a fourth, fifth or sixth vehicle to our lineup to expand the flow of youth into Toyota and Lexus."

Another option, Hollis revealed, would be to launch a hybrid model. "Will we have a truck in our lineup? Does it make sense to have a hybrid powertrain? Is a subcompact roadster the answer? Or will an SUV ever be viable for us" Hollis mused. "We don't know the answers but we're very open-minded."

Scion gave a preview of its next model with the unveiling of the Hako concept at this week’s New York Auto Show, which many are predicting will replace the current xB hatch.

Scion Hako concept