In Europe the Ford Focus is an affordable, well-engineered and stylish small car available in hatch, sedan, wagon and convertible bodystyles. It also features latest technologies such as a Powershift dual-clutch transmission, flex-fuel engines, a folding hard top roof (cabrio models only), and a range of efficient diesel and petrol engines. Its American counterpart on the other hand has been around since the late ’90s and misses out on most of the options available in Europe.

For the next-gen model due in late 2010 Ford will develop just one Focus model in line with its new global product development strategy. The cars will have unique styling and specifications to suit major markets but 87% of parts will be common, Ford product chief Derrick Kuzak revealed to Automotive News.

By streamlining its engineering process Ford will be able to cut costs and bring the car to market faster. The new model is expected to based on the current C1 platform, which is used in cars like the Volvo C30, and will likely be manufactured in Europe, North America and Australia.

Ford has already revealed its first model developed under its global product strategy, the new Fiesta compact, which has been showcased in three different variations already.