Just when you thought there couldn’t be any other deterrents to vehicle ownership in the UK, what with all the congestion charges, speed cameras, parking tickets and registration taxes, local authorities are now considering implementing a scheme to charge parents that drive their children to school. Richmond Borough Council in South London is proposing to charge parents up to £75 ($150) a year for a parking permit to allow them to use special bays outside schools.

The move is part of the council’s greater plan to cut congestion, reduce emissions and encourage students to be more active and walk to school. Under the scheme, owners of vehicles such as SUVs and people-movers will have to pay the full charge while owners of smaller vehicles will receive a lesser charge, reports the BBC.

According to the council, schools are already issuing permits to parents themselves in an effort to ease congestion during the peak hours. However, parent groups say the new charge would be unfair given the high number of other charges motorists in the UK are already faced with.

Councilors will vote on the scheme by September and if given the green light other councils are expected to follow with similar schemes.