Supercar brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini constantly have to deal with the conflict between boosting profits (usually by selling more cars) and retaining exclusivity. In the past, the carmakers have done this be building less cars than their customers demanded. In recent times, they have increased revenues by expanding their core operations.

We’ve seen Ferrari open a chain of new retail stores over the past six years, including the latest in London, and now it appears Lamborghini is set to do the same. Ferrari already has 20 stores in locations such as Beijing, Las Vegas, and Singapore. Lamborghini plans to open its first store in Las Vegas this spring, reports Automotive News.

The stores sell everything from clothing to model cars and have so far proven extremely lucrative for Ferrari. In the past, Ferrari and Lamborghini have also licensed their names to a number of non-car related products such as lap tops, home audio equipment and even Bluetooth receivers, which you can read about by clicking here.