Chrysler is in the midst of updating its line-up to meet tough new CAFE regulations and help turn around flagging sales, and the bleak situation has already led to a number of important models being dropped altogether. However, it appears the RWD Chrysler 300 is safe for now as the Auburn Hills-based carmaker doesn’t have the budget to radically change its successful large car platform.

The 300 will however receive a radical face-lift in 2011 but will maintain the bold styling and low roofline that characterize the current model (pictured). Redesigning a car as iconic as the 300 is proving difficult for Chrysler’s design team, which is already suffering from being downsized to just 23 staff members following the sale of the Pacifica Design studio to Mercedes-Benz.

Speaking with Wards-Auto, Chrysler designer Lou Gasevski said the team is employing design methods borrowed from Porsche where only a little detail is changed between each model but the cars remain modern. According to Gasevski, the exterior design of the car will be “evolutionary,” while the interior will make a “huge leap.”

One area that will see the greatest improvement is the quality of interior materials, which Gasevski claims will be comparable with Asian rivals in terms of features, fit-and-finish, and quality. One of the features designers are playing around with is a new dual viewing screen that allows the primary screen to project a movie to the front-seat passenger, while the driver can view maps or vehicle information.

The engine line-up is expected to remain unchanged, however Chrysler has stated that its legendary HEMI V8 isn’t part of its future powertrain plans and it may no longer be available in the updated 300.