Tata Motors and Fiat are already tied up over a number of projects including manufacturing low cost engines and the sharing of engineering teams, but the partnership could soon expand even further with Tata boss Ratan Tata considering using Fiat to sell its Nano minicar (pictured) outside of India. The Nano will only cost $2,500 to manufacture and is set to start production in October at a plant in Singur, India.

Ratan Tata told reporters from Automotive News that Tata has "held talks" with Fiat and that the Indian company is "open to considering a partnership" in terms of selling the Nano through Fiat’s dealer network. However, he also stated that there are no concrete plans to go ahead with this.

The two companies are also expected to resume talks on a joint venture to manufacture, sell and distribute trucks through both Tata and Fiat's truck division Iveco. These talks were interrupted by Tata's acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover, but with the completion of the deal between Ford and Tata the talks can now be resumed.