Cindy McCain, wife of republican presidential candidate John McCain, first became intrigued with ‘drifting’ after watching a race on television more than six years ago. Thinking that it looked kind of “cool,” she began researching the then fledgling motorsport, even travelling to Japan with her eldest son Jack to take drifting lessons with a top instructor.

For the uninitiated, drifting is a form of motorsport where a driver intentionally skids a car sideways through a course in the fastest time possible. The ideal vehicle to use is something with a light body and a high-output RWD powertrain. Several Nissan models, including RWD Skylines and 240SXs (Silvias), have become very popular in drifting circles due to their simple power mods and relatively low cost.

Upon returning to the U.S., McCain rebuilt a Nissan 240SX with a modified engine and started competing in amateur drift competitions in the U.S. with her son, finishing as high as second place in 2005.

During a recent interview on ESPN, McCain said how she loved the sport, describing herself as a below-average drifter. When asked what her husband thinks, she replied that “he loves it."

While we don’t see drifting becoming a national sport anytime soon, we’re sure celebrity enthusiasts like McCain will only help boost its profile – especially after the damage done by Lil Bow Wow and the Fast and the Furious series.