Chrysler's "product renaissance" is expected to bring many new models into the company's fold, all designed to appeal to consumers changing tastes. Spearheading this will be 'Project D', Chrysler's plan to create a new global mid-size platform that will underpin several new models and relaunch Chrysler back into public favor.

While it has long been thought that Chrysler will develop a brand new platform under Project D, which will replace the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring cars currently in production, according to Motor Trend this is just one option on the table. One of the more interesting routes Chrysler could take includes using the platform from another manufacturer, specifically Nissan or Fiat. Both the Nissan Altima and the Fiat Croma sit on mid-size platforms that Chrysler could use, and by adding Chrysler styling could achieve the same rewards as developing a new platform from scratch but without the huge costs.

Additionally, Chrysler could combine elements from different platforms to create their own platform. This mix-and-match approach could also save huge development costs while allowing more flexibility in creating a unique platform suited to Chrysler's needs.

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