Kanye West And Jay-Z Destroy Maybach In ‘Otis’ Video Clip

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Wrecked Maybach in Kanye West and Jay-Z film clip for Otis

Wrecked Maybach in Kanye West and Jay-Z film clip for Otis

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Rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z take a perfectly fine Maybach sedan and then proceed to tear it apart in their latest film clip for the song Otis, before transforming what’s left of the wreckage into a flame-spitting roadster.

Why they do it isn’t really explained in the clip, though it wouldn’t be the first time rap stars attempted to flaunt their wealth by showing very little regard to things of value. You may recall fellow rapper Dr. Dre destroyed a Ferrari 360 Modena in the film clip for I Need A Doctor.

Perhaps Jay-Z was a little upset that Birdman got to buy the $8 million Maybach Exelero Coupe he used in one of his previous clips.

One thing’s for certain, Jay-Z loves showing off cars in his film clips, with previous appearances featuring a Ferrari F430 and Pagani Zonda, a Jaguar XJ, and an Aston Martin Vanquish.

[YouTube via Autoblog.nl]

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Comments (12)
  1. proof enough that rap "stars", have more dollars than sense.

  2. Just two animals really. A shame, as so many youth look up to these lowlifes and try to emulate them.

    Well, it's their loss if they want to act like animals as well. If I saw someone act like this I would never take them seriously, let alone hire them for my business.

  3. Your analysis is a funny stereotype that screams "white, middle-aged, and out of touch." You are white and middle-aged, aren't you? And you're probably out of touch with anything that isn't Fleetwood Mac or Steely Dan...look out your window, homie. It's 2011.

  4. What stereotype are you focusing on QueMellow? Don't be so quick to make assumptions.

    Destroying a fine automobile like this Maybach is a shame, and to me it shows that these two have no class nor respect for anything.

    Maybach is such a storied brand. You probably know nothing about it.

    Why don't they rap about how much they spend on helping those in need.

  5. First, I'm pretty sure they'd hire you...not the other way around.
    Second, once they close the deal on the vehicle it's their property. Meaning that whatever they choose to do to the car is their business...not yours.
    Third, I love that no one has mentioned that they're auctioning the roadster off to raise funds for East Africa.

  6. Wow. Judge mental aren't we. Well I'm sure they are more likely to hire you than the other way around.

  7. yes well there seems to be a glorification of these "role models" in the States that filters down to other western societies. Look at the horrific reality tv explosion that has eaten away at quality programming.

  8. Rappers have something to do with reality TV? Because if so, that's news to me.

  9. stupid is as stupid does thats why these rappers will end up either broke or dead

  10. @ Nicholas Bouier - no its the whole Gangstaaa mythos combined with Reality TV that is dumbing down the youth of today.
    and someone using the word "homie" in a sentance clearly needs to pick a book up again....as well as their jeans which are cruzing around their knees

  11. oh and to add to the whole argument. Talk about pickign up a classic song, then absolutely shredding it to bits with that rubbish over the top. No matter how much sampling they do and faux homage by calling the song Otis, this is just another dark mark on the music industry that talentless hacks cant come up with their own music and have to copy other peoples music and then stupid "yo" boys lap it up in their droves. [/rant]

  12. Just a note: total disregard, not lack of disregard. thats a double negative. The way you say it, it makes it look like they had a lot of regard for it.

    "lack of disregard" just bugged me a little.

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