2011 Jaguar XJ Stars In Rapper Jay-Z’s Latest Video

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He’s had the Maybach Exelero in one video, the Pagani Zonda and Ferrari F430 in another, and now rap star Jay-Z is about to use the all-new 2011 Jaguar XJ in his latest clip.

Considering rappers have long been known to pimp out their videos with auto exotica, it’s not surprising to see Jay-Z pick the new XJ this time around. The suave British sedan oozes sophistication and the fact that it isn’t even on sale yet makes it all the more exclusive.

The new video is for a song titled "On to the Next One" that features on Jay-Z’s latest album, The Blueprint 3.

Jay-Z fans and auto enthusiasts will be able to log onto www.InteractiveJaguar.com and www.Jaguar.com to see the video in its entirety from next month onwards. The actual XJ will go on sale in the U.S. from April next year.


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Comments (14)
  1. For the simple fact that it was in a JAY-Z video, I will never EVER like or buy this car. God I hope he never gets his hands on an R8 :(

  2. Why so much hate? You would completely ignore a car just because Jay-Z used it in his video? That is so incredibly small-minded. I hope you are joking sir!

  3. Great post.I love jaguar cars!! and i m disparately waiting for 10th july on which this jaguar xj will unveiled..Thanks for sharing such a great post here...

  4. You can't spell carp without rap and Jag is losing it's traditional looks, felling and britishness and it's becoming just another big luxury car.

  5. Crap* Damn keyboard, need to be replaced.

  6. Associating Rap music to a Jaguar is utterly disgusting. I always prefer some Barry Gray music when thinking about Jags.

  7. Could you guys get any more narrow minded? Rap music videos have used pretty much every luxury marque there is, guess you won't be buying any of them.
    And as for Jaguar's "traditional looks", that's exactly why hardly anyone ever bought them. They were old and boring designs that even the Brits didn't like. It's about time they got with the 21st century and updated their designs. The new designs are curvy and sexy, more like Aston Martin and Maserati than Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

  8. I think the reaction of 'disgust' and shock to this news is so ridiculous.
    Also to say Jaguar is losing its looks is a good thing, they are looking better than ever (minus the E-type and XK-ss)
    The fact is that this is a VERY good looking car!
    (My dad was invited to a dealership viewing and I tagged along)
    It is no wonder that he would wont this car in a video!

  9. They did, but this is an official Jaguar even, not a lame rap video.

  10. Rap is the worst music ever created, I like the car but this new design won't be to good for many old school buyers.

  11. Judge rap by idiots like soldier infant and that's what you'll come up with. But listen to some of what rap is really about (Dead and Gone by T.I. for example) and it's just as good as any other kind of music.
    As for old school buyers. The whole problem was that ONLY old school buyers would buy a Jag, no one growing up these days would take a second look at one, that's why the new designs are so different. And without them Jaguar would be done.

  12. Skyline the problem was worse than you state as not even the old school jag guys were buying the cars!!! Their marketing dept. use to joke that people were dying to get into a Jaguar. Ford getting out of the way is the best thing to happen at Jaguar in a very long time.

  13. He's had the Maybach Exelero in one video, the Pagani Zonda and Ferrari F430 in another, and now rap star Jay-Z is about to use the all-new 2011 Jaguar XJ in his latest clip.

  14. The XJ is a subtle car purchased by gentlemen who are into engineering, deviating from the original design philosophy & catering to fashion is potentially a big mistake, as it leaves you vunerable to changing fads & whims.
    The original styling remained from 1968-2009 with only 3 major updates, thats an impressive run in terms of car design, there have been over 1 million XJ`s made in 41 years, impressive, considering the pricing.
    It was never meant to be common, like a BMW or Mercedes, if your into those, stick to them, Jags just arent aimed at people like you...

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