Rapper Birdman Hasn’t Paid For $8 Million Maybach Exelero

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Back in May rapper Birdman announced via his Twitter page that he had purchased the one-off Maybach Exelero coupe for the princely sum of $8 million.

To verify it, he also posted the above image and said he planned to paint the car his trademark red when it’s delivered in December.

Now a representative of European entrepreneur Arnaud Massartic, the current owner of the Exelero, has told MotorAuthority that Birdman is yet to pay for the car, leading to speculation that the multi-millionaire musician may have some liquidity issues.

While Birdman currently owns a Maybach Landaulet valued at around $1.5 million, as well as a Bugatti Veyron that cost $2 million, according to a recent article in Forbes, many of his cars still have money owing on them.

On the other hand, perhaps it could be that Birdman considers the Maybach brand a little tarnished now that fellow rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z trashed a Maybach 57 sedan in their film clip for the song Otis.

Either way, for now, the Maybach Exelero remains the property of Massartic.

In case you missed our previous reports, the Exelero is a one-off Maybach concept car that was commissioned by tire manufacturer Fulda back in 2005 for testing of its high-speed tires. You can read more about it by clicking here.
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Comments (7)
  1. Good. never even heard of this bloke and he is saying he has dropped 8mil on a one off car, just to show he can. just like the other tools in the film clip torching their car, this guy is reason enough why society is failing.

  2. I seriously doubt they're the reason why our society is failing...

    Why is it an issue when he "drops" 8 million on a car versus someone else? I'm sure that someone else bought a similar model, is it a problem when they buy it as well?

  3. Guys like this birdman seriously have no class. And they wonder why people don't like them.

  4. maybe he has IRS troubles nobody knows about yet

  5. @ Nicholas Bouier - it is because people seem to hold a candle to these idiots and place them on an ill deserved pedestal. half the reasons why there are som many troubles in Urban societies is because people want to act all "Gangstaaa"

  6. Hey, whoever this Birdman is, I don't know what he is saying, but I bought the Exelero. I just have to send Arnaud Massartic a check.
    He bought the Exelero. Really?

  7. Also, what kind of (second rate) gangsta rapper buys cars on credit? Does he still do laundry at his parents' house?

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