Close Up Images Of Ferrari 458 Italia And Ford F-150 Crash

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Ferrari 458 Italia gets run over by Ford F-150 pickup truck

Ferrari 458 Italia gets run over by Ford F-150 pickup truck

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Few articles have managed to gather as much controversy as our recent post on the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia that was run over by a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Arguments certainly heated up in the comments section, with most disagreeing on who was to blame for the accident and whether or not the Italian exotic was repairable or destined to be a write-off.

We now have some new, never-before-seen images of the crash thanks to the excellent photography work of bystander James Worley. Unfortunately, the images still don’t shed much light on who was to blame but we do get to see the resulting damage on the 458 Italia once the truck was removed.  

We’re still waiting on the official investigator reports on the crash to be released but in the meantime, follow the jump below to check out a full gallery of new images. Also below is an interview with the driver of the Ferrari courtesy of MSNBC.

Thanks to Michael for the tip!


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Comments (6)
  1. I'm not an investigator but the truck plowed on the Fezza so I'm assuming it's the truck's fault even if I can't speculate on what the trucker was doing before impact.. also the Fezza has the right of way ( simply by the fact how both vehicle's are positioned after accident ).

  2. To all the dummies who still think this car is a write-off, just look at this pic.
    Too many Ferrari fanboys in this world.

  3. Thank GOD! One less ugly 458 on the road.

  4. I bet that truck belongs to a Ford employee who is angry the new F1 car took the truck's name! XD

  5. It appears to me that the F-150 was pulling out of the parking lot that can be clearly seen in the video and ran over the oncoming Ferrari, which looks to have attempted to avoid the collision via crossing into the oncoming traffic lane. I'd also like to point out the lack of skid marks around/behind the Ferrari, so he didn't fly into the area at such a speed that the F-150 could not have known he was there. Is there a blind curve from the way the Ferrari was approaching?
    Looks pretty clear cut to me and the F-150 owner is going to be stuck with a mighty insurance hike.

  6. i doubt his coverage covers over 100k in damage, so he might have to sell that f150 and get a focus or something,

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