Video: Ferrari 458 Italia Gets Run Over By Ford F-150 Pickup

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Ferrari 458 Italia gets run over by Ford F-150 pickup truck

Ferrari 458 Italia gets run over by Ford F-150 pickup truck

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Imagine having to endure a 12 to 18 month waiting list to finally get your hands on a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia supercar, only to have it crushed under the wheels of a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to the owner of this sorry looking Ferrari, which only had around 500 miles on the clock. The car reportedly belongs to the CEO of I-Pathology and was involved in the accident over the weekend in Brandon, Florida.

While the crash is still being investigated, it’s thought that the driver of the 458 Italia was attempting to pass illegally across a double yellow line to get into a turning lane when it came into contact with the pickup.

The good news, or the bad, whichever way you look at it, is that the car is likely to be repairable since the area damaged most is the trunk. Check out the aftermath in the video below.

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Comments (24)
  1. -Ferrari is across the double yellow mostly likely from the heart-stopping reaction to avoid the F-150 driver who came at him head-on from a turn. From these pics the Ferrari was going straight. The F-150 was turning left and wasn't paying attention (I smell a cell-phone, but that's just speculation). Fault is most likely with the F150 owner.
    -"Damage is mostly in the trunk" You don't know anything about these cars. The truck is sitting on a lot of mechanicals, coolers, and other bits that feed the workings in the rear. Also sitting on sub-frame structure. The Ferrari is probably totaled.
    Do some homework before writing an article like this in the future.

  2. Meanwhile, Ford's F-150 comes out unscathed after head on with Ferrari lol.
    But seriously, if it's the driver's fault he only has himself to blame. If it's the other way around I couldn't imagine how pissed off he must be..
    If it isn't his fault I hope you're right Smoky and he gets a brand new car of this..

  3. to Smoky:
    The ferrari 458 has a rear mounted engine. A quick google search would have served you well.

  4. I agree with smoky, definitely going to the be the F-150 drivers fault because of where it was hit. And the first thing I thought was that the only reason the ferrari crossed the line was to try do the "oh f*ck!" swerve out of the way but of course the F-150 just happened to keep going....just don't know how you don't see a bright red exotic car when you're turning...

  5. Get over yourself Smoky and stop acting like you know everything about Ferrari! What an ignorant comment.

  6. Thank You ALL for veiwing the video that I shot of the Ferrari and Ford F 150 accident. Please feel free to comment on the YouTube page for the video as well as favorite it, subscribe, thumbs up and share it with everyone!

  7. Isn't that cute - the Ferrari owner was wearing a Ferrari t-shirt!

  8. @Do your homework
    No lie? Really? You're an idiot. Of course the engine isn't in the back. It's in the MIDDLE. That's why they call it a MID-ENGINE design. Read my comment. I didn't say anything about the engine. It's a mid-engine car, any moron knows this. I'm talking about the oil coolers, possibly master cylinders, and other parts that tend to reside up front of a mid-engine car. Google my bunghole.
    @mellino19: Ferrari driver can only hope the F-150 driver's insurance doesn't go running for the hills! Your question of "how does one miss a red Ferrari" is why I think the truck driver is on a cell phone. Plus it's a safe bet since every (bad) driver is on a cell phone these days.
    @Dave: I never said I know everything about Ferrari. What are you talking about? Your comment is the ignorant one. Stay off the internet, avoid breeding, save us the trouble.
    @audguy: You should send him to instead. He needs the help!
    @James Worley: I still can't get over the questions you asked that guy RIGHT after his crash. You are lucky he spoke to you at all, rather than taking his frustrations out on the insensitive person asking dumb questions with a cell phone camera shoved in his face. Take the video, sure...but leave the poor guy alone. He's been through enough, don't you think? Props to the Ferrari driver for keeping his cool.

  9. That isnt too bad, the ferrari made off well.
    A new hood, headlight, and some bumper work and he'll be on his way.
    'cept it'll cost him $40k LOL

  10. Smokey is right; the 458 is probably totaled. I'm not a ferrari aficionado and I can't find references but I'm going to guess the body work is either fiberglass or carbon-fiber and hand land. Because of this the replacement parts are going to be incredibly expensive. To total the damage must be 30% of the value of the vehicle; when you account for the extreme cost of parts it causes exotics to be totaled very easily. You'll see cases where a lotus is totaled after a fender bender for this exact reason.
    Also while the car is mid-engine it most likely does have a radiator under the front hood. This is because this is the best location for air flow, and is also why plumbing on mid engine cars tends to be complex. Also the suspension is probably damaged. The 458 weighs ~3000lb, an F150 weighs ~5000, sports cars generally do not over spec equipment by a large margin due to the weight penalty it would incur, so the suspension probably can't h andle ~8000lb of weight on it (note, muscle cars often come with over built components, i.e. mustang engines handle way more power than they come with. Sports cars value weight savings, and the 458 is much more a sports car than muscle car).
    Also the 458 uses a bonded frame instead of a welded frame, so if part of the frame is damaged that would probably caused the car to be totaled by its self due to difficulty of repair.

  11. Ahh, poor guy. he had to "endure" 12 months waiting for his ostentatious, $220,000 car and then he got in an accident while driving like a douchebag? I hope the Hatians have the common decency to observe a moment of silence for this poor guy.

  12. In response to the idea of the Ferrari crossing the double line to dodge the F150. The last time I checked if you're trying to dodge something you don't move in front of it's path. If the driver of the Ferrari were in fact trying to remove himself from the path of the F150, common sense would tell us that he'd pull the car to the right side.

  13. I agree with Shawn. His reaction in the video was that he "f%*ked up". He states this on the video so I'm guessing that it was likely his fault. But we can't put him down for it, accidents happen. That's one of the hazards of driving. I feel really bad for this guy, I know how much it hurt when i saw my car smashed just a little (and it probably cost as much as a wheel on the 458), this must really be heart breaking for him so lighten up guys.

  14. Doubt that pickup would have damaged the frame. Damage is pretty much cosmetic. Aluminum panels, passenger headlight cluster and fender and other small pieces that can be easily replaced. That Ferrari will be fine. It will be repaired and back on the road on a week good as new.

  15. Aww, how precious. A typical Ferrari owning douchebag wearing his Ferrari shirt while out driving his Ferrari. I hope it was his fault.

  16. Is it possible there was a "unknown vehicle" not in the video or pictures that was in front of the Ferrari turning right into the parking lot? This vehicle could have be turning into the parking lot, and the driver of the F150 used the opportunity to pull out (or HAD to pull out if the driveway was narrow to allow the incoming vehicle entry.) Ferrari driver passes turning vehicle and is truck by the F-150.
    So all you armchair CSIs should look at the whole picture before pointing a finger.

  17. This article is a joke, you can clearly see in the video that there is no left turning lane ahead. So I highly doubt he was passing a car to get into a tuning lane.
    @Damien Thomas, He said "Its just..... f%*ked up"
    And to the people that said it will be repaired. It won't be. It is not worth the money. If the 458 was a production car I could see them doing it but with only 500 made, ummm no it is not going to happen

  18. There is DEFINITELY a left turning lane ahead! I am the guy who shot the video and know the area well. Up until after this accident occured vehicles would cross the yellow lines all day long in order to pass the stopped traffic to make it up to the left turning lane off of Parsons and onto Hwy 60/Brandon Blvd. . Go to Google Maps and find the intersection and see it for yourself. The county has since went out and placed easily knock down posts on the yellow line to try and deter people from passing the stopped traffic.
    I am in no way saying who was at fault in this crash. Check the facts and analyze the scene and you decide.

  19. Dude, this is Florida. You don't need a "turn lane" to make a left turn; it's Thunderdome out here.

  20. More $$$ than brains

  21. @Smoky It was no cell phone camera for sure!

  22. @#10 - And who died and made you boss? Whatever ...
    Ferrari boy's trying to compensate for something, obviously.
    Grant you he was speeding, driving like a dick (as most super-car driver/owners tend to do)and he got clobbered.
    Built Ford tough, but that Ferrari definitely ain't! LMAO
    Hey, it's what happens when you have more money than sense. Car is a car and they get trashed when they crash into other cars and such.
    Too bad, so sad, he's got insurance and he'll get a new one. And he has a story to tell about how he was "innocent" in the whole thing.

  23. And what's even worse, is now he's been made into an internet viral sensation. As if his ego wasn't already big enough. LAME.

  24. Guess the F-150 was saying "Let's teach this red bug who is the boss here. America rules, bit$h!"

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