2012 Ford Police Interceptor: Taurus Does Law And Order

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All-wheel drive, a twin-turbo V-6 and more technology than your average Internet cafe--this is the ingredient list for Ford's latest Police Interceptor, based on the 2010 Ford Taurus. If those features sound suspiciously close to the SHO's there's a reason for that.

It's because they are. The new Police Interceptor will also be available with a standard V-6 engine and front-wheel drive, however. The only sure way to tell the difference on the road? Try to outrun one. Not that we recommend that. The standard Police Interceptor gets a 263-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 with E85 capability, improving efficiency by 25 percent over the current Crown Vic version. The EcoBoost V-6's 365-horsepower and 350-pound-feet of torque make the upgraded Interceptor even more imposing in high-speed pursuits.

A six-speed automatic transmission is fitted to both models, though as you'll note in the photos, the Police Interceptor version gets a column-mounted shifter to reduce interference with the necessary gear that a console-mounted shifter causes.

If you're a speeder, this mean-looking Taurus will be breathing down your neck by late 2011. That's when the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is planned to cease production.

Ford's also announcing a second Police Interceptor vehicle to be unveiled in the third quarter of 2010: a utility vehicle. Expect more EcoBoost and all-wheel drive for the SUV as well.

The interior of the 2012 Police Interceptor sedan has been modified to meet the needs of police work, including enhanced safety to withstand 75-mph rear-end crash testing, a special side-curtain rollover airbag for front and rear passengers--yes, criminals get safety enhancements, too--plus special Roll Fold technology to let the side curtain airbags slip between the passenger and window.


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Comments (20)
  1. F the police. The state prostitutes should be relegated to Tauruses from the 90's. Why the hell would you give something that already has WAY too much power even more? Not only do we get to spend our already depleted taxes on new bacon busters, but we can use the change to pay for some new red-light cameras and ultra-high powered Tasers! Sweet!!! More power!! Btw it may say SHO, but I have a 8K RPM row yer' own fwd Yamaha built LEGEND that disagrees. Just sayin. Still, good work Ford.

  2. it is not good idea about our law enforcement dont want buy 2012 Ford Taurus police interceptor. they dont like FWD layout. they want buy more Dodge Charget R/T or SRT-8 is best faster than Robocop Taurus. Dodge Charger is layout RWD and AWD. our law enforcement officers are very angry at our political about they want BMW-M and Mercedes AMG is very excellent high performance for police fleet vehicles.

  3. what Chris said. It's hard to outrun the radio, though.

  4. was always wondering about the economics behind "owning" the police cruiser market.

  5. That is the hottest car-saw one in red-AWESOME!!!!

  6. Just when Ford is doing great in other areas and models this could be there one screw up. Police as well as Taxi Companies, Limo Services etc. Do Not Want Lame Front Wheel/ All Wheel Drive cars. The Crown Vic was a winner although aged. Should have just do a major Crown Vic makeover.

  7. Oh spare me the stupid "RWD is the only way" crap. If they drop a high-po engine in this thing, with AWD and modern suspension it'll run the CRAP out of any stupid 1978-vintage Crown Vikky. Jesus. you'd think that the damn world will fall apart if cop & taxi fleets come within 20 miles of front-wheel-drive. That platform is tough enough to let soccer moms ford rivers, huh?
    ummmmmm ....

  8. Chris Johnson, you sir are a moron.

  9. Its not that rear wheel drive is the only way to go, its that the components used on a rear wheel drive car are much tougher and better suited to continuous abuse without failure.

  10. Ford should have taken a page from GM's book and used one of their Aussie cars, namely the awesome Falcon to do a cop car.

  11. Can't wait for the Interceptor vs. Caprice PPV shoot out.

  12. This will have AWD in the Eco Boost Version, guys. The FWD model they say is being marketed to use for supervisors, etc... They call that model a "Utility Model." The AWD model is being marketed as the police cruiser, as that is called the "Polce Interceptor."

  13. AWD police car is kind of bad if you want to get away from the cops in your small car. In the past with a small car you had the advantage of manuverability, when those guys had silly RWD. With this AWD system however, that's going to be so much harder to do.
    Now the cops are going to be able to go anywhere and do any manuver with these things, and that's pretty bad if you're running from them.

  14. Not that anyone should think about outrunning the police anyway, but you'd think this would definitely give one pause for thought

  15. I can't imagine this thing is going to cost less than $30 K per unit. Crown Vics go our the door in the low $20s - less in a large fleet buy.
    Hey, just put the new Mustang 411 V8 in the Crown Vic - now that would be a police car.....

  16. Those worried about spacing inside the Taurus need to do research before posting. Ford has all ready modified the interior of the Taurus Police Interceptor to match the Crown Victoria interior spacing (center counsel width needed for special equipment, etc...). The doors were narrowed and strengthened to adjust the Taurus spacing to be adequate. RWD vs. FWD, either is adequate as long as the drivers are properly trained to understand how to control the vehicle per its equipment. Every type of transmission, engine, etc... has pros and cons. The Crown Vic was made what it is through police feedback. Before the Crown Vic I'm sure people thought it would be crap as well...now look at it. Ford knows what they're doing, they have many years of experience doing this...I'm sure the Taurus Police car will be lighter weight than the Crown Vic...meaning it doesn't even need as much power. You could argue all day long that there are production cars that can outrun the Crown Vic, so why does it matter if there are production cars that can outrun the Taurus? They can't outrun the radios!

  17. If any film director decides to release Robocop 4, this Taurus should be definitely in !!!

  18. Apart from the the techno stuff which makes what vehicle the best, the all new interceptor doesn't come across to me as police vehicle.
    And I'm guessing like a fine dinner presentation plays an important role.

  19. The only thing chevy should stay to is the tahoe ppv. i would like to see this instead of the vic. but alot of departments like the chargers n so do i. it look meaner their fast.The crown vic would b great like someone posted above if they did a remake of it. But i hate to say it but i have to give it to ford they built there PI tough. But the crown vic compared to the charger the charger wins. plus the chargers are cheaper then the vics thats one of the reasons departments switch to them. plus cheaper to fix. But also departments who have the chargers seem to have problems early on unlike the vics who would high millage n i seen some go to 300,000 + miles. I would like to see the ford pi out on the road one thing i like is the charger n the new ford pi would blend better into public.

  20. BTW
    RWD all the way. RWD performs so much better then fwd. plus RWD you dont get that "dash hop" like u do with fwd.

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