Top Gear's Clarkson Corkscrews Sewer Tunnel In Hot Hatch

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Jeremy Clarkson in RenaultSport Twingo - from Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson in RenaultSport Twingo - from Top Gear

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What happens if you wedge one of motoring media's wildest wild cards in a small enough hot hatch, then have him drive into a wide, round, mostly empty sewer tunnel?

In an episode from last fall, the ever-mischievous Top Gear found out. Host Jeremy Clarkson barrel-rolled the RenaultSport Twingo 133—at about 37 mph—in a Belfast sewer (as seen in the clip below), keeping the roof intact.

Tip: You can be reassured that the car didn't stay intact for long, though; Clarkson later in the episode jumped it off a Belfast pier.

And the harshly lit tunnel and movie-like soundtrack makes it look a bit Back to the Future, as if he's about to disappear in a poof.


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Comments (8)
  1. And I thought we had a monopoly on stupid...It's alive and well worldwide apparently...

  2. WOW! what a nut driving this car...
    I just these people have too much time on their hands.

  3. looks like top gear is having some fun. but man, amazing how much "content" is needed these days to fill up the insane number of channels needing something to show 24/7.

  4. dude, that's nasty. and awesome.

  5. Yikes!

  6. this is insane. land on the roof of one of those and you're scrambled eggs.

  7. If you watch the vid carefully, you see he only JUST managed to pull it off. Scrambled Clarkson was just moments away, and he knows it. No wonder he wore a helmet. The later destruction of the car was just stupid though.

  8. I kept thinking that this had to be fake and we'd see the green screen at the end but... no?

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