Italian Police Crash Lamborghini Gallardo Patrol Car

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Just over a year ago, we brought you the story of Lamborghini's gift of a Gallardo LP560-4 to the Italian State Police, equipped in full police regalia, for patrol duty on the highways and byways of central and southern Italy. Today, we bring you news of its demise.

The car struck a row of parked cars while being piloted through the streets of Cremona. Officially, the story is that the officer driving the Lamborghini swerved to avoid another car in the roadway that had cut it off.

Two policemen were in the car, and though the passenger got out with only bruises, the driver suffered crushed vertebra and a broken rib. Both are expected to recover fully.

The Gallardo, however, is not so lucky. Though it might be repairable, it will never be the car it once was: A GPS-logging, radar-gun-wielding, live-digital-video-broadcasting, gun-equipped terror of all things fast.

Italy's police have logged over 87,000 miles of duty with Gallardo patrol cars since 2004.


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Comments (9)
  1. Just to be clear... this is the old Lambo Gallardo... Not the LP560-4

    My heart still aches a little bit though

  2. Whoever did this should get his a** fired!

  3. that what happen when u dont own or pay for the damages !!!

  4. Why is the side mirror folded up, i don't think that would do anything to the investigation to the point where they'll fold it. Maybe that's why they crashed.

  5. Perfect example of why the fuzz should be relegated to Sentras and Windstars.

  6. not in the Lp560-4

  7. Yes, LT, I swear! I was not speeding and showing off the Lambo! the parked car just jumped out in front of me.

  8. it was only a matter of time

  9. In Italy the organs transportantion is a matter for dedicated veichles, usually driven by medical personnel. If you guys wondered how the crash would look like, just go to World Expo next year in China. The police there ordered eight Lamborghini as the patrol car.

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