Honda Cancels Development Of V-10-Powered NSX Successor

nsx ring 11

nsx ring 11

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Amid the announcement of its third profit warning of the year, Honda has confirmed that it has canceled plans for the launch of a successor to the NSX supercar. The new V10-powered model was expected to arrive in the United States next year as an Acura, but sadly all development work on the car has come to an end.

Honda CEO Takeo Fukui confirmed the plan in his end of year speech, saying that all development of the car would cease. Fukui also revealed that plans to introduce the Acura brand to Japan in 2010 have all been canned, reports Automotive News.

The news comes less than two weeks after Honda announced that it planned to pull out of next year’s Formula One season, citing financial constraints as the main reason.

Honda also announced today that it is lowering its annual operating profit forecast by 67% - its third profit warning of the year. The carmaker now expects its operating profit for the business year to March 31 to be ¥180 billion ($2 billion) - down 81% from last year.

Instead, Honda will focus on developing more fuel-efficient hybrid and diesel models, especially in the compact car segments. Plans for a minicar positioned below the Fit (Jazz) are still on track, as are plans for the CR-Z hybrid sports car.


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Comments (10)
  1. wow.. up next... bikes, lawn mowers, and out-board motors.

    i'm really thinking that FIA needs to sanction some sort of eco-racing.. something with a solid formula,.. a certain amount of fuel, a sealed tank, and any technology that you can use to get you to the finish.

    or else honda will become nothing but a bland consumer pig like toyota.. and even toyota is doing F1 now

  2. Man, another one bites the dust. The prospect of a V10 honda was pretty interesting, even though the styling definitely wasn't.

  3. that is just SAD I love honda and the NSX was a must o well....

  4. Yea, that is the best thing to do with the economy the way it is,
    maybe they can come back to it after the economy recovers.

  5. On the one hand, this seems a little bit of an over-reaction, given that Honda is still profitable AND that plenty of car manufacturers have shown that small volume, pricey supercars can also be profitable. Development of the car was mostly complete, so there are already substantial sunk costs.
    On the other hand, it takes tremendous discipline to kill a halo car like this so close to it's release... exactly the sort of discipline that has kept Honda profitable and seen the Big Three go under again earlier this year (for the last time?).

  6. How about develop a twin turbo V6 like Nissan did for the GT-R

  7. I seriously hope that they dont kill off the new Honda S2000 successor!!!!

    I Will cringe!

  8. S2000 successor? this is news to me.

    noname: i dont think the engine is the problem,.. the whole program is just not right at this time.

    roy: the best poker players know when to cut their losses and fold. i think honda would rather REMAIN profitable, if only by a small margin.. rather than be "unprofitable" by any margin, even a single yen. to them, good business is the best halo car... where as the big 3 are so far behind in products that they might as well burn cash as fast as they can cause death by bankruptcy or death by crappy products.. its still death.


    There was another spy photo shot in Japan only, but could not find it as it was found on a site or 2... and with all the rendered pics out there, most sites are flooded with those only.

  10. right.. basically sounds like speculation

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