Preview: Honda’s 600HP V10 NSX-replacement

Preview: Honda’s 600HP V10 NSX-replacement

Preview: Honda’s 600HP V10 NSX-replacement

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Updated: Honda’s replacement for the NSX is still more than two years away but a number of key details about the car have been revealed by an inside source at Honda. According to the insider, the styling of the new car will be very similar to the Advanced Sports Car Concept from last year’s Detroit Auto Show and its future price tag will be around the $160,000 mark.

The car’s lines will favor efficiency over style, with much of the design derived from Honda’s F1 program. According to Edmunds, a prototype set a blistering Nurburgring lap time of 7m 37s on its first attempt and the final number should easily slip below 7m 30s and into Corvette ZR1 and Nissan GT-R territory.

The key to its performance is high-speed stability. The rear section of the car supposedly acts as a giant rear diffuser, designed to keep the 1,476kg (3,256lb) supercar glued to the road. The other factor in the performance equation is the car’s 5.5L V10 engine, which the insider revealed would output upwards of 600hp (450kW) and 433lb-ft (586Nm) of torque. When not at its peak, the engine will be able to deactivate half of its cylinders to save fuel and lower emissions. Drive will be sent to an uprated Super-Handling AWD system via a new six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Original: Honda’s NSX replacement has had several false starts, with the company scrapping one of its original designs – the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept - after the public’s largely negative response to the 2007 Detroit show car. Designers were sent back to the drawing board and Honda was forced to abandon its original plans to show the car at the following Tokyo Motor Show.

Despite the drawbacks, engineers were able to continue testing the new mechanicals for the car by using a modified S2000 body and we saw the first test-mules running laps at the Nurburgring by the middle of last year. The latest round of spy shots suggest Honda has come up with a final design for the car, as seen by this latest prototype once again spotted at the Nurburgring in Germany that's very likely to be the replacement for the legendary Honda supercar.

Speaking with MotorAuthority back in April, Acura spokesman Mike Spencer confirmed several details of the upcoming NSX replacement. The car will definitely be powered by a V10 engine, and it will be equipped with the company’s SH-AWD system. The lack of intakes at the rear of the car also confirms the NSX replacement will feature a front-engine configuration, as opposed to the mid-engine layout of the former.

There has been some discussion of a possible four-wheel steering system (4WS) for the NSX replacement, but Spencer suggested the SH-AWD system would achieve most of the benefits of 4WS without the added complexity.

The NSX replacement is now expected to arrive sometime in 2010 as a 2011 model with final pricing expected to be revealed closer to the car's release date.

Honda (Acura) NSX replacement rendering

Spied 16/07/2008

Spied 06/19/2008

Spied 06/17/2008

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Comments (44)
  1. Lexus LF-A ??

  2. I agree, this is misleading

  3. nope, the car in the pictures is different from the LF-A. honda's been working on an NSX for a while now.

    I like the styling of it, looks a little bit more sorted out than the LF-A. I don't know how well the front engine layout is going to go with the NSX fans, but so long as it rivals the LF-A and under cuts it, you've got a winner for sure.

  4. Wonder what made them deiced that this was an NSX? Normally there are some hints are styling ques that give it away ....

    Regardless, please do not call this an NSX.

  5. Megalon, you're right, the indications that honda has given are that it wont be called NSX but it is a "high performance sports car" from honda, to replace a gap left when they killed the NSX.

    All I'm saying is that the NSX crowd isnt going to be happy with a front engine setup. But it looks like its going to be nicer than the LF-A anyways. Like I said, just make sure it handles better, is faster, and undercuts the LF-A.. I'd rather have an acura over a lexus... hell you could call it a honda and I'd still prefer it to lexus.

  6. The new prototype is significantly smaller than the Lexus LF-A prototypes. According to the photographer, the car is in fact a new Honda test mule and it was seen around the carmaker’s compound stationed near the Nurburgring.

  7. every ones going to laugh but it reminds me of the 2nd gen Fiero,.. or maybe the daytona.

  8. So just when everyone's downsizing their supercar engines, Honda decides a good ol' V10 should fit the bill?

  9. With AWD this will end up overweight, i find that very disappointing, Honda should stick to RWD like the NSX.

  10. fox, who cares if a couple hundred super cars are made every year with V10's... honda sells more small cars than any other company. they'll still have the lowest fleet averages in the world....

  11. chris,
    I didn't actually mean my comment in the sense that this car will make much of an environmental impact. It's just that efficient high powered engines like the one on Nissan GT-R impress me more - they're lighter and you don't have to stop at the gas station every day... you can of course alleviate some of this by making the tank bigger, but that just means you're driving around more weight than you need.

  12. Fox, having said that, GT-R is very very very heavy, which surely can't translate to good economy

  13. Despite the rather awful cloaking, this car will have some pretty impressive looks and performance to sport when it emerges from the dark depths of some factory in Japan.
    I look forward to some awe-inspiring specifications...

  14. You shouldn't fantasize what's underneath those masks too much, the silhouette looks awful and not excitable at all! I mean is this what they've been working for since the late 90's - to come up with something so mundane as this!? This in one sense is really insane... But then honda produces the ugliest cars in the industry nowadays anyway so what was i expecting... but comeon it's a NSX for godsake! p.s. I Apologise in advance if these spyshots were infact not of new NSX but something else like honda city coupe or something. Sorry.

  15. This test vehicle looks very close to the rendering featured by Edmunds Insideline in March 06':
    I'm optimistic that Acura can pull off an extremely fast & well handling vehicle that offers value. I am a Lexus driver however I'm disappointed about the price point of the upcoming LFA. I do believe the NSX will come in at a more reasonable price albeit close to $100k and I too agree with Edmunds take that the target this time will be Aston Martin - in other words, Acura's shooting for a refined and agile GT that attempts to best a Vantage in every area - offering a high output, front engine V8/V10, awd, the latest in electronics & comfort. As far as beating a GTR/GTR-V, unlikely in its initial form, then again, a refined supercar is what Acura will aim to produce.

  16. I agree Lex, both cars the Lexus and the Acura look pretty much alike in design and powertrain, and they both look like an Aston Martin as well. In the supercar arena, I don't think Japan can compete with the Italian exotics, but the English ones should not be very worried either. As you said, the LF-A comes out as pricey as an Aston if not more. The NSX's back in the day sold for about 80-90 grand with a V6 engine. I don't think a V10 Acura is going to be any cheaper. Aston has always had a great reputation earned in a miriad of competitions throughout the history of motorsports. Today, Aston offers a greater variety of engines and styles than the Japanese counterparts. The new Japanese cars better come up with jaw-opener specs if they expect to sell better than the Astons and the Porsches and the Bimmers and Mercedes.

  17. fox, doesnt the GTR have the exact same engine? 5L v10? half the thrill of having a car like this is having a huge V10 or V12... or at least a V8.

    hell... look at the ford RS2000... 80 lbs, AWD, mid rear mounted inline 4 cyl 2L turbo charged car that make 650 BHP and hit 60 in 1.9 seconds........ on gravel.

    anyone can tune an evo into a lambo killer... but its still a pepped up evo. you want a massive excessive engine.. you want that feeling of raw power. no matter who you are.. if you ever got behind the wheel of a boss 427 mustang or a shelby gt500kr... (i have.. both)... you'll love the sensation of having THAT MUCH power on tap. no technology to speak of. no forced induction... just... power.

    excuse me if this isnt what you were talking about

  18. chris,
    no the GTR has a handmade 3.8L twin turbo V6 engine. From the power and torque on tap you can't really tell it's "just" a V6. And it really can't be compared to any tuned evo because the engine was designed to deliver that power (and more, actually... we'll see it in v-spec) from the start.
    Now as Alan said, GTR is actually quite heavy, but that isn't because of its engine. If they stuck a V10 in there with similar power/torque, it would be heavier still and would hurt its performance around the track.
    IMO, sticking a big NA engine inside a small sports coupe nowadays is the "lazier" approach to performance. Even the great bastion of NA engines, BMWs M division is likely to go smaller / forced induction with the next iteration of cars.

  19. It is so nice to finally have something exciting coming out of the Acura camp.

    Hopefully this new coupe will be something fierce.

  20. 7:37 in testing, not bad at all. I hope this car won't be as overweight as the GTR though with AWD

  21. "hell you could call it a honda and I’d still prefer it to lexus. "

    Chris, just so you know every car called Honda that had an Acura version was better then the Acura performance wise. NSX, Integra etc. So to me this doesn't make any sense.

    In my opinion it looks very promising. It looks nice, it is definanately going to be fast, lots of effort into making it faster then GT-R and its only a prototype. More suspension tweaks would be underway and with 550bhp on tap it should be a thrill to drive. Haven't heard about it being AWD but the GT-R doesn't seem to mind extra weight compared to 911. Saw a few head to head comparisons and with extra weight it could outhandle 911. So knowing the handling that Hondas have with same kind of traction setup and some FWD Hondas compare to average handling AWD cars on tarmac, I'm really looking forward to this.

  22. At 7:38, we must be suspicious of it's monstrous power output at this time...

  23. I agree whith Megalon, please don't call it an NSX.I hope it's fast because it kinda reminds me of a Tiburon.

  24. Chris has probably never driven a proper car around a track anyway so his frame of reference is probably limited to mashing a gas pedal in a straight line. The VSPEC has already run a 7:25 around the Nurburgring; with less horsepower and more weight than the more expensive ZR1. Call me an idiot with my graduate level education but I'll take the superior Japanese engineering/quality over the cheap gimmickery and lazy engineering found in the American automotive industry.

  25. A massive engine isn't needed to make massive power, just simply a rudimentary understanding of physics.

  26. I second that Johno. It seems to be the theme amongst Japo cars that having less, power and more weight can still translate into fast lap times and high performance figures. Just take a look at the standard Nissan GT-R's performance/lap stats. 0-60 in 3.3s, 11.3 to the quarter mile, and 7:29 around the Nurb! It's almost unbelievable. There's not car in Europe or America with the same power-to-weight stats that'll pull those kinds of figures.

  27. Honda will no doubt kick arse with this car. So many years of F1 racing, heck racing is in Honda's blood from the beginning. They race everything.

    The NSX -- home run

    S2000 -- home run

    They know how to build great sports cars. I consider Honda to posses the same engineering skills and focus plane that is on the same level as BMW and Ferrari.

    I think it will not be a techno beast like the Nissan GT-R, it will be more of a classic lightweight minimalist machine. Electronic aids will be minimal/subtle due to the design which will be so cutting edge yet mostly invisible like the S2000. (which is still ahead of time and quite exotic in its own right.)

    This will be a significant car.

  28. I'm saying that I'd still rather buy a honda over a lexus as far as brand image is concerned.... even though acura is supposed to be the competition for lexus.

    and I'm not arguing that a well engineered car with much less power will go faster around a track.. and i'm not saying that I've ever been around a track. what I'm saying is that 99.999% of us will never hit 120mph, and we'll never see anything that resembles a track. so why have a rediculously engineered car that can pull 1.5 lateral Gs at 150 mph? none. I'll never get the car to that point. my realm of caring about performance stops at 100 mph... and even that is ridiculous... cause I've only ever been there 3 times. For the most part, I really only care about 0-60.

    and to sell the ZR-1 short and call it crappy american big muscle engineering is insane. it's within seconds of the lap time recorded by these other cars on a 7:30 lap? They're both amazing cars... I personally think that the simple satisfaction of driving the ZR1 around would be greater than the GTR. just my personal preference. I also am the kind of guy who wears jeans and T-Shirts.

  29. Oh my .... I hope they do build another CL or RL coupe @ a more manageable price tag.

  30. Chris, if you're going to try to use specs of a particular car try to make sure you have your facts straight first, otherwise your arguments seem ignorant and hold no ground even if there is substance.

    Another do you own those two magnificent specimens of Cars and hardly ever take them above 100 mph?...hell even my 4banger honda can hit 120's not difficult at all to reach.

    as for John, The Vspec will cost as much if not more than the ZR-1, preliminary pricing puts it at $130k however this may be due to inflation of prices (USD falling due to the economy) or possibly the conversion of Yen into USD bumping up the price.

    As for the Acura vs Honda comment, it's pretty much similar that Honda's cars in Japan are better than the ones here Stateside, first off Suspension & Handling (honda's bread and butter) how crappy are the roads here compared to that of Japan's? There's your answer, Also how much do americans want a nice Comfortable Ride compared to one that's a tad more aggressive, yet another reason. Then there's Subaru with their crappy 2.5L Turbo Stateside for the STi, and the crazy badass 2.0L STi's in japan that just outright beat the evo's in all their performance testing.

    All in all if this NSX replacement (I hate calling it this) does not beat the V-spec handily, I believe it will flop as well as the pricing needs to drop and be under $125k for people to even consider this car. The NSX outperforming ferrari's Lambo's of the early 90's at 90k could hardly sell, I doubt a $160k Honda will outsell Porsche Turbo's Aston Martin's etc. Honda's just selling out of it's price range. Get a Win in F1, Le Mans before you try and sell a High Performance Luxury Sports Car. (I love honda's but just being realistic)

  31. Wait...How do you expect to beat the GT-R and ZR1 if you can only match their performance for double the money?

    You're playing directly into GM's hand, Honda! This is exactly what the ZR1 is intended to fight: cars that might be more refined and luxurious, but cost an extra $60K for all your frills.

  32. i will never think of this as an nsx replacement
    even if it has the same name

  33. are u crazy????????
    honda is far away from the others..........
    nsx new=the best......
    look......7:37 in his first track day(unofficial).......imagine that in 2 years from now it will be under 7:30 just for simly......
    v10 around 600ps atmosfairic engine!!!!!!!!!!
    and also imagine honda to work on this project and evolve it through years as ferrari do in fxx.........
    one i have to say......a new age is going to begin at the history of car.......
    also remember the same was 19 years 1989 when the first nsx launched.....the history wasn't the same after that.....the same is going to be right now......
    japan is far away from the others................................................................

  34. mino.. my point is lost on you. sure your civic can hit 120. but how often do you have it at those speeds? never? k just checking.

    to me, getting a supercar is like buying a harley.. sure there are more sensible bikes out there... more affordable, what ever. but you're not buying a harley cause it makes sense. hell, japan makes a much better cruiser for much cheaper. you get a harley cause its loud and obnoxious. thats like your european supercars. even the ugliest ones will turn heads. if you want a japanese supercar, why would you pay twice as much for this car than you'd pay for a GTR? hell, even the LF-A could end up being a better car all around.

    but in the end it's all pointless in north america because unless you're putting down time on a track, you're not going to drive faster than 80. if you've been doing 120 in your 4banger honda, you let me know where that is. i just hit recently did 100 in my focus and the stress of keeping an eye peeled for the cops was more than enough to spoil the fun.

  35. This car will be the best out of the Japanese supercar battle. even though the GT-R's price is half the price, i think this will surpass bothe the nissan and lexus. Go honda

  36. Hmm,, well if the concept looks and camo'ed car shape are any indication to go by, it looks like a "NICE" car, something midrange within 60k, but its def NOT 160k nice... sure what counts is under the hood, but please, a person wont pay 160k just for an engine, they're gonna pose on a car that LOOKS the bill of 160k.. and to me its not cutting it, it looks like a Honda Z4 coupe.`

  37. stop calling this a NSX, this will never be the true successor to the NSX =)
    its a midget version of the Lexus car.

  38. No doubt that this car will perform as the same, if not better than the world's supercars... but for $160K price tag, styling does not get to me. I was expecting something more unique and bold, not just a generic design. Bummer...

  39. so if this isn't the NSX successor and it's running 7:38 in traffic on the 'Ring, the TRUE NSX successor will be running... 7:00 flats? I don't buy it.

    This is Honda's next halo super sports car. It'll once again reset the bar and make manufacturers rethink their technology (NSX did this to Ferrari the first go around) in order to match what Honda came up with.

    Honda's got so much "enginuity" on-tap it's scary -- it's just a matter of whether they want to make it available to everyday consumers.

    Watch out, LF-A, GT-R, ZR-1 et al, Honda's coming back to play for keeps. :)

  40. It was Honda who introduced the high rpm power to the world. When the VTEC first came out, Ferrari was still using turbos and BMW's VANOS was still not on the drawing boards. Currently the engine achieving the highest piston acceleration is the 2.0 S2000 engine. An currently the company employing high rpm performance engines to most models is Honda. So please - "BMW - the great bastion of NA engines"! Don't make me laugh.

    For those who like turbo, just go with the Nissan or a Porsche. Don't be ridiculous to teach Honda how to build an engine. It's even funnier when it comes from someone who can't tell the difference between a real racing engine and a turbo crap that can just as easily have come out of any decent tunning garage.

  41. I'm pretty sure that is a pic of the CR-X successor, not the NSX placeholder.

  42. Engine Specs:
    C55A1 = NSX 5.5L V10 DOHC VCM iVTEC With FRM cylinder walls
    Output = 510hp (380kW SAE Net BHP 372lb-ft (450Nm) USDM @ 7800RPM
    Output = 520hp (410kw SAE Net BHP 390lb-ft (465Nm) JDM @ 8000RPM
    Timing = Chain Driven forged steel components with nitride hardening
    Comp Rt = 10.8:1 Compression
    Petrol = 91 Octane Minimum
    Wheels = 225 R18 Front 255 R18 Rear
    Rubber = Bridgestone Potenza RE 011
    Release = Summer 2011
    Intake = Dual Cold intake, dual stage resonator chambers
    Power = Output = 92 hp/L

  43. For $160k it better not be just around ZR1/GT-R Territory, and better beat them both hands down.

  44. It looks alot like a RSX and a LFA mixed.

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