Toyota develops noise-cancelling system for cars

Toyota develops noise-cancelling system for cars

Toyota develops noise-cancelling system for cars

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Expanding on the same concept used in noise-cancelling headphones, Toyota has developed a noise cancelling system for its Japanese-market Crown Hybrid that nearly eliminates engine sound within the passenger compartment. The system uses a complex system of microphones, speakers and sensors located around the cabin.

Like the headphones, the new Toyota system works by using small microphones to monitor surrounding sounds, then plays back frequencies mathematically calculated to be the exact opposite of the ambient noise through the speakers, causing both sound waves to collide and cancel each other out. The Toyota system has an extra sensor that takes into account engine rpm.

Debuting in the Crown Hybrid, the system was developed to cancel the annoying hum of the engine at low rpms when driving around town.

Toyota isn’t the first to develop such a system for cars. Lotus had developed similar systems as far back as 1990, and a trio of Mazda engineers having written a scholarly paper to the Society of Automotive Engineers detailing a nearly identical system in 1994. Acura, too, has a similar system dubbed Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which it uses on a number of models.
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  1. Acura has had Active noise cancellation in the RL since 2005, the sames system has been on the Acura TL type S since 2007...Just goes to show you how much further Honda motor company is ahead of Toyota in automotive technologies.

  2. I like how the Crown looks, especially the grill.

  3. This car should replace the Avalon.

  4. Very nice crown,it is available in 2.5 and 3.O l v6 and will have vdim tecnology

  5. A similar noise cancellation system according to my knowledge was developed by Volkswagen in the 1960's. They put a speaker on the two inner sides of the headrest on both the front seats, so that a speaker was directed towards each ear. A sound having a frequency equivalent to the typical drivetrain noise of a Volkswagen was emmited through each of these speakers thus providing a noise free ride to the driver and the front passenger.
    Best regards,
    Mickey B. Mama

  6. I wounder if there was a way to implement such a system by ourselves on our own cars to cancel air impact noise at highway speeds.
    I guess we need a few microphones some kinda chip and we can hook it up to the car's stereo system.
    Won't be perfect but will make a difference.

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