Mercedes-Benz Nanoslide engine technology

Mercedes-Benz Nanoslide: Ultra Low Friction Engine Tech

If you thought a NANOSLIDE was a driving situation fixed by a dab of nanocorrection on the steering, think again. It's actually the name of a new, award-winning technology developed by Mercedes-Benz for use in engine design. NANOSLIDE technology is a way of giving the cylinder walls in an engine a... read more

October 20, 2011 by 
Thorium could be used as car fuel

Thorium Powered Cars: A Million Miles Without Refuelling

It reads more like a 1950s space race vision of the future than a pragmatic 21st Century theory, but we could now be a step closer to driving a nuclear-powered car. In light... read more August 17, 2011 by 

New 1.8 TFSI turbocharged four-cylinder for the Audi A5

40 MPG And 170 BHP? Audi Engine Offers Frugality And Fun

High performance usually means taking a hit as far as economy is concerned, and impressive economy numbers don't often provide much in the way of fun. Proving that MPG and... read more August 5, 2011 by 

2010 Toyota Yaris

Quiet Engine, High Tech Key Blamed In Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Carbon monoxide has occasionally been described as a silent killer, and the recent deaths of a New York man and a woman in Florida prove the phrase still runs true in modern... read more June 23, 2011 by 

Fiat 500 TwinAir two-cylinder engine

Fiat TwinAir 2-Cyl Wins International Engine Of The Year

Two cylinders. A quarter of what many Americans consider the correct number, half of what you'll find in most economy cars. It's even a cylinder and over 100cc short of the... read more May 19, 2011 by 

Wave Disk Generator engine

Video: Revolutionary New Engine, 90 Percent Lower Emissions

There may be life in the old dog yet - engines have never been the cleanest of machines, requiring fossil fuels for their power and releasing all manner of gases, elements... read more April 11, 2011 by 

2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 V-8 engine

Ward's Names 10 Best Engines, Two Non-Engines Make List

The Ward's 10 Best Engine list is usually a graphic exercise in what we want under our hoods, but this year's list includes a pair of "engines" that give a nod to the... read more December 7, 2010 by 

2011 Suzuki Swift live photos

Paris Envy: Suzuki Swift

  This little Swift has been earning a lot of praise over the years. The fellas at Top Gear gave it a lot of praise by playing ice hockey with it. It was known for being... read more October 5, 2010 by 

2010 Lotus City Car Concept

Paris Envy: Lotus... Everything

Lotus went absolutely insane for this year's Paris Motor Show. They are preparing for what could be their biggest lineup ever. Let's take a mad dash through what they... read more September 30, 2010 by 

Alfa Romeo world record gathering

The Alfa Romeo GT: A story of ill-fated love

Forgiveness. We forgive loved ones, friends, even occasionally, enemies. It’s an essential feature of the human experience. But would you forgive a car maker, and how... read more September 27, 2010 by 

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Which Musclecar Would Be the Best Graduation Present?

Let's paint a completely hypothetical picture here. You've graduated. It is all over. No more school (besides grad school!). You got a job with a nice salary already, and... read more September 21, 2010 by 

Lamborghini Jota teaser image

Lamborghini Introducing Two New Models?

According to trusted sources, Lamborghini's planning a September surprise. Or, more precisely, a pair of September surprises. And while we don't know a whole lot about what... read more September 19, 2010 by 

Soviet-era ekranoplan

NHRA's Big Go - Only the Beginning

NHRA’s Countdown to One got off to a rollicking start at the 56th Mac Tools US Nationals on the O’Reilly Raceway Park dragstrip last weekend. This is the first of... read more September 19, 2010 by 

2011 Range Rover

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Gets 25 MPG--But Not in the U.S.

There’s no arguing that big SUVs offer a sense of luxury and ride comfort that is difficult to obtain in all but the most elegant of sedans. However, those towering... read more September 17, 2010 by 

Buick Roadmaster

Top Five Affordable Wagons

Don't give me that "wagons aren't cool" mumbo-jumbo. I already know they aren't, and that is why they sort of are. Let me explain. These days there has been a sort of trend... read more September 14, 2010 by 

2012 Holden Cruze hatchback

Not Coming Soon: Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Sometimes it just isn't fair. Europe always seems to get the cooler stuff. All their Ford's use the crisp Kinetic design style. They have a massive amount of super-efficient... read more September 11, 2010 by 


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