Audi R8 Flips Lada In Crash Before Speeding Off: Video

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Video footage taken at a busy intersection in Russia shows a frightening accident involving a speeding Audi R8 driver who crashes into another vehicle and speeds off, even though the other vehicle is flipped over from the impact.

The video shows the R8 driver attempting to complete a U-turn on a busy road, and at high speed.

The high speed maneuver causes the R8 to drift wider than the driver is likely to have anticipated, which then causes the exotic sports car to come into contact with another vehicle traveling in the same direction.

The other vehicle, which motoring blog Carscoop suggests is likely to be an older-generation Lada Samara, flips over from the force of the impact and comes to land on the side of the road. The driver of the R8, after pausing momentarily, speeds off from the scene, even driving through a red light to escape.

Fortunately, there are a number of bystanders that come to the aid of the Lada driver, who managed to walk away from the wreck. Hopefully this video footage helps investigators find the driver of the R8.
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Comments (6)
  1. If this is for real that R8 driver is absolute scum. Every time I see something like that I remember how sick humanity can be.

  2. I'm glad the Lada driver was ok. Man, if I knew that Audi R8 driver I would make sure everyone who knew him would know of this too. I'm sure even if the police find him they'll be paid off and he'll never do time. Events like this remind why I never want to go to Russia.

  3. Watch this space..

  4. I tend to believe that the guy filming the event knew the R8 was coming. Anyone else get that impression that it was some sort of stunt gone bad?

  5. Whats weird is that the person filming this 'stunt' was more than happy to play innocent and come over and help the victims. Glad he did but I can't see why he would be filming there if he wasn't expecting this and if he was and things went wrong why would he film the car running away and then go help he victims?

  6. Why was the dude even video taping ?

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