Jay-Z/Kanye Wrecked 'Otis' Maybach Brings Just $60,000 At Auction

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It seems even those with a taste for contemporary art couldn't open their wallets very far--even in the name of the Save the Children charity--for the monstrosity that is the Jay-Z/Kanye West 'Otis' Maybach. It sold for just $60,000 at the New York Contemporary Art Evening auction held by Phillips de Pury & Co.

The butchered and mangled Maybach 57 had been estimated to sell between $100,000 and $150,000 despite its...artistic...redesign for the music video to the duo's Grammy-winning Otis. Perhaps it wasn't so much the radical liberation of the car's interior as it was the fact that such a stylish crowd would rather be shot than caught cruising in a Maybach from 2004.

Despite the low sale price, we're sure the $60,000 will help the Save the Children foundation--though only part of the money will be going to the charity, according to the auction description.

Check out our previous coverage for more details on the Otis Maybach auction.
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Comments (6)
  1. although the charity side of the sale shouldnt be sniffed at and i applaud that, the total destruction of the car and glorification of two supposed "artists" who do nothing more than talk and are recorded using words that when listened to dont make any sense whatsover i think the car was overpriced..... IMHO

  2. why the hell couldn't they just donate the $400,000 to charity instead of buying and destroying the car. would have help a hole lot of more people.

  3. Why does only part of the money go to charity? If they could buy a Maybach, they might as well donate all of the money.

  4. and Enzo Rollis is right, might as well just donate 400 grand.

  5. If you take this spectacle out of context for a moment; place it on mute and simply watch the video... You can only momentarily understand where things have gotten to in this world.

    Here are two men, average punks on the screen, glorifying a flag and what it stands for, by senselessly and insultingly destroying 'art', in every sense, while simultaneously reminding its audience that they can simply because that was the role they were given. And don't forget it.

    It's gross. If I had any shred of respect for this world left, it was just burnt up by this charade.

    Everything about these men, and what they stand for, makes me sick.

  6. Pity they not only destroyed a perfectly good automobile (I'm assuming it had no problems), but also ruined a classic song.

    A shame it didn't raise more but at least these two 'artists' got the promotional value out of it. I'm sure that was worth a lot more than the $400k spent on the car.

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