Porsche Declares F1 Uninteresting, Too Expensive: Report

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Echoing sentiments of fans around the world, Porsche's CEO Matthias Mueller has called Formula 1 "not interesting," and "simply too expensive." Instead, the company will be putting its racing efforts toward a new FIA endurance racing category to come in 2014.

Porsche already backs many GT-class cars with variants of its 911 in series around the world, including Le Mans, so the endurance racing decision is a natural move from that perspective. It also resonates more with fans in its key markets, according to Mueller.

Rumors have placed Volkswagen, Audi, or Porsche at the helm of an F1 program for years now, though the honchos of motorsport have always hedged against it, instead preferring the more real-world, production-car-based series. Mueller's pronouncement is therefore unsurprising, but no less impactful for F1, which has seen declining fan counts and frustration with the newer teams, which continually fill out the back of the grid.

New rules, including the DRS system, a fueling ban during races, and the use of KERS have attempted to drum up more interest for F1, but the series still appears to be holding steady at best. The teams and fans are still undecided on the effect the upcoming turbo 1.6-liter V-6s will have on the series.

Let us know what you think about F1's current situation, rule set, and interest level for fans, and if you think Porsche's decision to skip F1 for endurance racing makes sense in the comments below.

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Comments (3)
  1. i will speak to Porsche's decision to forget F1 (as talkign about F1 itself - i dont have enough time nor MA the space allowance).
    its makes sense, F1 no longer lives int he real world and Porsche is very much trying to maintain its status as the most profitable car company inthe world. By staying in real world series and endurance series it allows the everyman to view and even participate using Porsche products and have an afinity for them. You see a 911 roaring round the track you feel that you are part of something if you look at the same styled car in your driveway. This is more so than seeing a sticker of the badge on the front of an F1 car, that no longer (like it used to) has a large trickle down effect for developed tech

  2. I'd of thought Porsche would love F1 - the idea of creating cars that hardly alter in outward design for years on end. I mean that's pretty much the design ethos of the 911 since time began

  3. Hahahahahaha. Good point. Still, I'd rather see the unbroken formula of disgusting GT3's and RSR's roaring down thousands of miles in shapes and technology that I'm familiar with, not looking like alien spaceships and - wait, am I talking about F1 now or LMP? :P

    Porsche in F1... I don't watch F1 and Vettel needs to stop winning, or be more cocky/interesting when victorious/celebrating, so Porsche should stick to its roots, like its design lol.

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