2013 Dodge Viper Spy Shots

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The 2013 SRT Viper has been revealed. Click here for all the official details.

The 2013 Dodge Viper supercar is one of the most anticipated cars of the coming year, and destined to be the crowning glory of Chrysler’s rejuvenated lineup when it’s unveiled for the first time early next year.

But before then we have these breaking spy shots to whet your appetite.

The spy shots depict a pair of test-mules for the future Viper, with its new front-end attached to the body of the current generation car. This is because engineers are testing air flow and cooling for a brand new engine, which makes sense as these prototypes were spotted in the extreme heat of California’s Death Valley.

The heavily masked front-end reveals a few subtle details, however, showing a slightly smaller front air dam and headlights with a more tapered back design.

Interestingly, it appears as though both the coupe and convertible chassis are being tested, suggesting that both models will be launched simultaneously. Additionally, Chrysler’s engineers have also rolled out a Chevrolet Corvette to test alongside the new Viper as it is the car’s number one target.

The 2013 Dodge Viper is expected to be new from the ground up, including its engine, chassis and interior. One major difference will be the introduction of more driver aids, including advanced stability and traction control systems in order to make the car appeal more to a wider target audience. You may recall Chrysler revealed last April that it was testing the Viper in snowy conditions.

And while it won’t get a Ferrari designed engine as previously speculated, Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles has hinted that some of the Italian supercar brand’s know-how will filter into the next Viper.

Its styling, meanwhile, has been described by Gilles as inspired by a “naked woman on the beach”.

Look out for the debut of the 2013 Dodge Viper early next year, possibly at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in January, but in the meantime, hit this link to follow our full coverage thus far.
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Comments (12)
  1. If they can up the quality levels to match the Europeans, then Dodge will have a major leg up over the Shelby Mustangs and Corvettes of this world. I hope they do it.

    Can't wait to see this car. And here's hoping it still comes with a V10.

  2. I also do hope it will come with a more refined V10 than a truck-derived monsterrific ~8 liter engine, a Forced-Induction V10 would be just plain magic (and scarily fast!)

  3. if you concentrate hard enough, the headlights look very much like the F430's and it has a big scoop in the middle of its hood. you can also see the traditional cross-shaped grill. oh and the 3 patch looking squares on the hood are positions of the air vents

  4. i thought it would at lease share a few of Ferrari looks but so far non.not a fan of the rear at all looks too boring.lets hope it looses some weight and keep the v10 and maybe some interior upgrades and exterior before launch.cant wait for the engines stat and a test drive.

  5. This is a test-mule, meaning new components hidden under the former model's shell. Only the front-end is new, as engineers will be looking to see how efficient the new design is at keeping the engine cool.

    Don't worry, the styling of everything from the A-pillar back will be all new.

  6. i thought as much but wasent too sure keep us updated and thanks.

  7. make it smaller and tigher and not the overlong nosed heavy looking previous models. The Viper could be the quintessential american muscle car for this new age, they just need to put it on a diet

  8. The viper has been a 50/50 balanced car, pretty much

  9. not talking about the weight distribution. I was talking about the weight period and the look of the overlong nose looking front heavy.
    you can have mining trucks with 50/50 distribution due to the payloads etc, bvut it doesnt mean they are light.
    The viper needs to go on a diet pure and simple

  10. if the dimensions were any different, it wouldn't be a viper. and gilles has said the viper will use weight saving expertise from Ferrari

  11. 3400lbs in the previous was preetty goood

  12. ahhh no he didnt....his exact words were:
    "....And while it won’t get a Ferrari designed engine as previously speculated, Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles has hinted that some of the Italian supercar brand’s know-how will filter into the next Viper...."
    meaning that they could assist with the suspension or marketing or anything. It wasnt specific to weight saving.
    And the dimensions arent what i am talkign about.
    Im trying to stay calm here but arent you reading what i typed.
    WEIGHT OF THE CAR....that is the most important thing. If Dodge want to market the car as a viable option to the bevvy of Euro sportcars that it believes are its direct competitors then they need to make the car sexy and skinny. The styling can be an evolution just slim !!

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