Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid Concept Revealed Ahead Of New York Auto Show

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The future of design at Lexus is before your eyes. The core concept behind the LF-Gh Hybrid Concept: balancing style and funcitonality, with an eye to performance, efficiency, and "environmental compatibility."

These design themes and cues will "migrate" into future Lexus vehicles, says the company, even though some are "often considered contradictory and difficult to execute together,” said Kengo Matsumoto, general manager, Lexus design division.

The LF-Gh in particular presages the updated GS sedan range, though we expect many of the sharper, more dramatic edges to be rounded off by the time it reaches production form. In fact, Mark Templin, Lexus division group vice president and general manager, is already hedging his bets: "We look forward to [customer] feedback and integrating some of these exciting design features into future Lexus vehicles."

Most dramatic section in the new concept's design is the front end, which features aggressively styled air inlets, grille surrounds, and headlights. The lights are, of course, all-LED, including the vertical fog lamps. The front end leads into the fenders, where Lexus is trying to "create a sense of movement," and give the car a lower, leaner look. Large 20-inch wheels are de rigeuer. The rear of the car gets a similar treatment to the front, with more angular cut lines and highly stylized lights.

Hybrid power drives the LF-Gh Concept, so it gets blue LED hybrid badges on the grille and trunk lid. Details on the hybrid system itself haven't been revealed. Look for the full details, as well as live photos and video of the new design concept, next week at the New York Auto Show.

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Comments (7)
  1. I hope they dont use the tail design elements. It looks like something that came out of Acura...

  2. "Even though some are often considered contradictory and difficult to execute together." Agree, particularly as executed in this hot mess.

  3. That thing was not beat with an ugly stick, it was beat with the whole ugly tree

  4. Style-wise, I do not see any progression...This merely looks like a past concept of the current LS. The drop in the front fascia and intake looks silly...The tail-lamps look reminiscent of the current Kia Optima. The only interesting aspect of this car is the grille. It's obese enough to give the face of this rather insipid-looking concept some excitement.
    The grille is obese

  5. Complete Cowcatcher Fail.

  6. WOW...Finally, one of the latest Japanese car designs I can say I feel attracted to. The European influence is there: a bit of Audi on the front, and a bit of BMW on the back...Nice job none the less, I think.

  7. I hate to comment again, but the price point of this sedan, when it comes to the streets, will be significant. Probably in the 45k-60k range. Why would a buyer want to spend that type of money on a sedan that has "a bit of Audi in the font, and a bit of BMW on the back." Aren't you paying for a Lexus? Should your Lexus have its own distinct styling, unlike anything else on the street? I would HATE to spend money on a vehicle that reminds be of other sedans. I can see that coming out of Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and even Chevy and Mazda. Mimicking style ques from high-end models. But not the likes of Lexus.

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