This, Sadly, Is The Pagani Huayra

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Pagani Huayra leaked image. Via CarsUK.

Pagani Huayra leaked image. Via CarsUK.

Magazine cover leaks followed by the shot above reveal the new Pagani Zonda successor, the Huayra, in all its gull-winged, gap-toothed glory. It's a bit more Spyker and a bit less sexy than we'd have liked.

Busy doesn't even begin to describe the car's design, and though the Zonda was also a complicated creature, it at least had a coherent wide-angle look. The Huayra, on the other hand, is all air brakes and wrong-ended diffusers.

Further misfortune befalls us as the specs for the Huayra haven't leaked along with the photo, so we can't even tie the enticing steak of high performance around its neck. We're sure it's quick, but it can't outrun its reflection.

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  1. Ok - I will reserve full judgment until I see the thing in full, but I love how you can tell this is much smaller than the zonda and more ground-hugging.
    All the aero pieces do look a bit messy though and those gullwing doors scream '80s supercar. It's as though they took everything that was good on the Zonda and then tried to make it better but just finished up with something that looks overstyled. Oh well, I'm sure it will still be the fastest around a track. Got to love Pagani!

  2. oh i didnt want them to come up with the gullwings...

  3. Even the Spyker C8 Aileron looks oddly gorgeous than this. I could get that Pagani does overdo the design of their cars but this is just a mess, it's quite unbearable really especially for a top-end/niche automaker.

  4. I think you should reserve your judgement sadly this site often makes mistakes refering to upcoming cars i think the new pagani will be one of the most spectacular cars available when it makes its proper launch i would be very surprised if it was poorly styled as you has all the makings to beat out the competition as the zonda has done a good job of doing in its production life.... just wait before you hate

  5. Who cares if it looks bad.. If it's faster than the Zonda, one word, respect! And I bet it will be as Pagani is unlikely to launch a slower car :-D

  6. You can see and comment more from this leaked photos.. ( ).

  7. Only retards would worship speed and ignore the look and design. Why don't you go jerk off over a rocket then?
    It is very ugly. The front is unberable. Go do some google search and you will find more photos of this ugly thing. I see nothing wrong with the opinionated report of this site.

  8. I am pretty sure Motor Authority is suppose to provide us with unbiased articles about automobiles. This title is clearly biased and may sway some opinions. I would suggest changing the title as we will get more comments like the ones made by demachina who like to follow the "band wagon" as they do not respond well to opposing opinions without someone else defending them.
    Now back to the car,
    I agree that the front end is ugly, but that does not constitute the entire car as ugly. Pagani has made a trademark from themselves for their low, wide rear ends and their quad exhaust pipes in a square shape.

  9. I believe this chassis' aesthetic value is worth every penny of development and design. The unorthodox styling is benchmarking many conservative designs not only internationally, but within the US as well. only the simple fact that America does not openly adapt international design languages regularly (until the last decade) to their production vehicles, it mainly stems from technology and material considerations including safety, so to Pagani, Horacio, thank you for your supercar contributes and success. What a fellow designer aspires toward. and to the hate and superficial regards. I (personally) take that as a sign of realistic structural integrity against the huayra! Salude.

  10. Oh Great!!!! Frankenstein has Arrived!!! can we be seated now?!!?

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