Porsche Cayman, Boxster To Be Built Alongside VW Golf

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We already knew the 2012 Porsche Boxster and Cayman would be built in-house at the Volkswagen Osnabrueck plant, bucking the trend of outsourcing construction to contract firms like Valmet or Magna. What we didn't know is that the next-gen Cayman and Boxster would be built alongside Volkswagens. Golf convertibles, to be precise.

It's only supposed to happen when the Zuffenhausen plant, the primary construction point for the two Porsche twins, exceeds capacity. Given Porsche's past with contract manufacturing while maintaining very tight quality control, perhaps there's nothing to fear in VW building a few.

On the other hand, when enthusiasts learn that their cars roll off the same assembly line as a front-wheel-drive, relatively inexpensive VW convertible, it's perception that matters. Volkswagen, while building quality vehicles, doesn't have the best reputation for reliability--particularly when it comes to electrical systems--here in the U.S. Add to that the tinge of down-market association, and you could have a recipe for upturned noses.

Of course, the problem only arises if demand is too high to meet it with production at a single plant, according to the report. As for us, we're on the fence: it doesn't really matter where a car is built as long as it meets its design standards. But meeting those design standards can be more easily accomplished in some places than others.

What do you think? We want to hear from you, the enthusiast, if such close association with Volkswagen will do any harm to the brand's reputation, or if it will merely serve to help deliver the product we expect at a better price than would otherwise be possible.


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  1. Let's be serious for a moment. This is only going to happen when the main plant can't meet demand? By how much? 1 car? 10 cars? 100 cars? At what point does it become feasible to turn up a 2nd plant making these cars as opposed to throttling inventory and delaying deliveries? Both the Cayman and the Boxster have been artificially throttled by Porsche in the last 18 months, I find it hard to believe they are suddenly going to open the flood gates and put emphasis behind the Boxster/Cayman platform, even though it is their best platform!

  2. VW tried to market a $70,000.00 V8 powered luxury sedan. It may have been a decent ride however the association with the VW badge and inexpensive transportation in my opinion destined it to failure.
    I have an 07 Cayman I could not consider a trade for a VW built replacement!

  3. I love my 997. However the the author's naive assumption that porsche will use VW's facility to some how deliver a car at a better price is laughable. At no point in any of the cayman/boxster lifecycle will the consumer reap the benefit of lowered cost. It simply isn't the porsche way. Profits maintain viability which serve to insure more fantastic porsche cars. Remember that most boxsters were built by the Valmet corporationin finland alongside SAABs. At least with VW, one could argue the point of shared automotive DNA.

  4. This is ridiculous! I've owned Volkswagens in the past and though they are nice cars, their reliability and dependability are questionable. I am anxiously awaiting the 2012 Cayman S and now that I know this, will be certain to check the label: Built in Zuffenhausen.

  5. Gentleman,
    Only a handful of Boxsters and Caymans are actually build in Zuffenhausen. 90% of them were/are built in Finland by Valmet. Yes, I do have a special edition Boxster S and it is madein Finland. Zuffenhausen is strictly reserved for the 911 and variants which NEEDS to be from Zuffenhausen. Cayenne and Panamera are built in Leipzig in Porsches own plant. As long as Porsche is as strict with the quality checks as it is with a complete 3rd party manufacturer like Valmet in Finland, i have no problems with them using a "family" plant within VW.
    So long,

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