2010 Mazda Shinari Concept: New Images

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Mazda recently shocked the automotive world by unveiling the stunning new Shinari four-door coupe concept car at an exclusive event in Milan, Italy. The latest concept is the result of collaboration between Mazda’s design studios in Germany, the U.S. and Japan and previews the automaker’s future design language.

The new design language has been labeled ‘Kodo’, the Japanese word for soul of motion. Key design elements include the aluminum signature wing and the sculpted body.

Speaking at the Shinari’s unveiling, Mazda design boss Ikuo Maeda said: "this design will lead to the next generation of Mazda design and will lead to other elements." Few other details have been revealed, including whether or not Mazda plans to put the Shinari into production.

Expect the concept to make its official world debut later this month at the 2010 Paris Auto Show. Until then, stay tuned.

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Comments (15)
  1. The front is very reminiscent of the Maserati GranTurismo, while the back looks like a "spiffed-up" Toyota Camry Solara.

  2. Wow!!! World's apart from the smiley mess they had going with the Nagare design language. I see a lot of influences like others are saying in this design, but it's brought together in an attractive package. I just wonder, "Where does Mazda fit in the automotive world?" Are they a stand-alone brand that's offering sport or are they going to head back to when they offered a bit of sport and luxury? If they want to be acknowledged as having the same level of refinement as BMW and Audi, I say kudos, but they have to commit to it in every model. I think if they repositioned themselves at a level similar to Acura but kept the spirit of what makes a Mazda fun to drive, I see nothing but winning vehicles every time. I also agree with other posters on here that suggest this should be the Mazda9. There isn't a better way to kick off a new design direction than introducing a new top model, but keep it as a 2+2 design with top of the line features.

  3. Umm, infiniti essence anyone?

  4. Did someone say "longer-Infiniti-Essence?"

  5. so Aston Martin, Mitsubishi desgin, honda S2000 front end, coupled with a Ford Cougar, Mazda 6 rear end and you have a design that chicked the world??? i would ay i agree...im shocked that they didnt have an original idea and that the journos are jumping on the bandwagon sprouting hyperbole

  6. Correction - that should have said shocked, not chicked....damn fat fingers hahaha

  7. The new design concept is very similar to Infiniti's. I mean "soul of emotion", sounds very similar to Infiniti's design language. This concept looks similar to the Infiniti Essence.

  8. Mazda said it was going to be a Japanese Alfa Romeo. This design Mazda, I not only concur but I think its better than Alfa Romeo.

  9. Glad they've toned down the "ripples" from previous concepts. I like!

  10. Vauxhall/mazda rear end.Front screams out a weird volvo/honda type and just reminds me of infiniti essence,jaguar xj,volvo- moblie

  11. Actually on first inspection it looks quite unoriginal. It's nothing like the inspired designs adopted by Alfa. If you look at the 2 and 6 you'll see more originality. If this is the best their new designer can conjure up then I'm afraid I fear for the future direction of design at Mazda.

  12. This resembles the Fisker Karma to my eye. Beautiful car though, it makes me very excited for future Mazdas!

  13. It's a nice rip off a mixture of Infiniti Essence and Jaguar XF front and BMW gran coupe behind but it'll be really nice if it goes into production say the next RX-7 or RX-8

  14. Actually, if you stuck a Jaguar or Aston Martin badge on the front of the car you will see the next XKR or DB9

  15. Bring it on can't wait, looks like a great fast Car.

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