Spy Shots: 2012 Hyundai Azera (Grandeur)

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The affordable large car segment is starting to get just a little overcrowded, and in a time where customers all around the world are downsizing to smaller midsize models, performance, fuel-economy and overall value is now more important than ever.

South Korea’s entrants in this field have been winning plenty of accolades lately, especially newcomers like the Hyundai Genesis and the recently revealed Kia Cadenza, and now Hyundai looks set to continue this trend with a replacement for its aging Azera sedan, designed to meet the Germans on their own ground with a dramatic new look and packed with technology and features inside.

The current Azera, sold as the Grandeur in other markets, was first revealed back in 2005 and since then undergone only one major update. The replacement for the car, seen here testing in prototype form, is expected to debut in late 2011 as a 2012 model and by the looks of things it appears it has grown substantially.

Positioned between the Sonata and the Genesis, the 2012 Hyundai Azera is expected to be launched with two different V-6 engines: a 3.8-liter Lambda unit with 305 horsepower on tap and a smaller 3.3-liter mill already sold overseas. Hyundai’s new six-speed automatic transmission with pseudo manual mode will likely be standard across the range.

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  1. Gonna be hard to position that well, but I am sure they will be ok, just please give it optional awd.

  2. Considering that the 2010 Hyundai Azera is already being sold (unchanged from previous years), in the US, this restyle probably won't make it over (thought I wish it did - the interior is really looking dated now); the US market will probably have to wait for the full redesign.

  3. Dealers in my area have had the 2010 for months. The 2010 is basically the 2009 KDM version sans the updated 3.3L and 6AT. I'd expect this car will be coming to the US in late June or July, hopefully with the 6AT and updated 255 HP 3.3L and 3.8L somewhere around the 290 HP it makes in the Genesis or either the 3.5L QOHC V6 that will be in the Kia Cadenza. The new one on the same plaform as the K7/Cadenza would I assume come out around Jan 2011 for the KDM and we'd see it as a '12 in July/Aug of '11.

  4. Why do they need another car between the Sonata and the Genesis, this it's just stupid, I see that Hyundai is repeating the mistakes that GM did way earlier then I expected.

  5. This is just a 2011 Hyundai Sonata in the pics. It could be the turbo version that was announced. The Azera will share similarities with the Kia Cadenza to separate it from the Sonata, otherwise what would be the point of the model. You could easily throw one these V6's in the Sonata and not bother with another Azera.

  6. That is obviously not a Sonata. Look at the rear quarter window. And the 3.3L and the 3.8L are being retired, replaced by the 3.5L.

  7. This better not be the new "Grand Am." We already know that story ends.

  8. The current Azera has been lost in the shuffle with the new Genesis & Sonata. Why does Hyundai need this vehicle? It may hurt the Genesis sales depending on pricing, styling,& packaging. I guess since Hyundai's making money right now they can afford the mistakes. They would have been better off creating a seperate brand for Genesis, Equus, at.al. Don't do it Hyundai, let the Azera go!

  9. Ashton, I do not think the Azera is going to steal many Genesis customers, the two vehicles appeal to different groups of people

  10. This is definitely another attempt from El Zorro to find new methods of transportation in the 21st century. Notice how the masks make it difficult to makeup the identity of this specimen, how the black color gives it an stealth advantage for 'night missions' and how this article fails to identify the total number of horses under its (or his) stable overseas! Good work Zorro!

  11. The Hyundai Rohens (Genesis) in China has just been recently slated to be blessed with a 3.3 GDI-claiming World's Best in Class Fuel economy. It's set to produce about 300 HP and will surely make the current 3.8 in the Genesis obsolete. Hyundai is set to add GDI to the 3.8 Lambda pretty soon however.
    The Azera will start off with the 3.3 GDI.

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