2012 Porsche 911 Spy Shots

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Porsche is soon to launch its next-generation 911 and as can be seen by these latest spy shots, prototypes for the car appear to be almost complete. Shown in the least camouflage and from the closest distance yet, the new 911 looks to be just as its predecessors have been: a variation on the classic theme, with some modern tweaks. But just as the continuity of looks in previous cars have masked major mechanical changes, so to will the next-gen 911. These latest shots show the car again almost completely undisguised, and for the first time in colors other than black: yellow and blue.

Earlier today we brought you a video of the car also nearly undisguised. We first started seeing test-mules for the 2012 Porsche 911 back in 2008 and soon after Porsche's former chief of research and development, Wolfgang Dürheimer, revealed some details of what to expect for the new car.

Speaking of the new car, Dürheimer said, "'it will be even more competent, even sexier, even more unique. The design can of course only be evolutionary, but beneath the skin, almost anything is possible". The 2012 Porsche 911, known internally as 'project 991', will feature a few radical departures from the 911's long-running classical styling.

The changes are out of necessity more than anything, but they will be noticeable. First, pedestrian protection rules in Europe will require a change to the nose section of the car, likely meaning a larger and more collapsible bumper section. The rear of the car will also be changed, but for aerodynamic improvement.

Clear differences between the new model and the current 997 are the more upright headlights, a slightly longer body, and the side mirrors are now positioned at the side of the doors and not at the window.

Other new features for the car will include extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber materials and active aerodynamics--surfaces that react to what the car is doing, and how fast it's doing it. Expect adjustable front and rear spoilers, dynamically opening and closing air intakes and an automatic rear wing.

As for powertrains, reports coming out of Germany claim power in the base Carrera will stand at 345 horsepower from a 3.4-liter boxer engine, downsized 200 ccs from the current engine. Step up to the Carrera S, however, and you’re expected to get a bigger 3.8-liter engine and 395 horsepower.

We don't have too long to wait now, however, as the 2012 Porsche 911 is due at September's 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

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Comments (15)
  1. When Porsche stopped using the original 1963 chassis design, I feared the end of the traditional, proper 911 "look".
    Thankfully, the Porsche Design Department understands their 911 customer well and continues to retain the 911 look. Thank you.
    Now, if they would just ditch the mini-van type exterior door handles for something more appropriate. Even their new brothers at VW and Audi have better designs for door handles (hint, hint).

  2. the right name for the next generation of 911 is 991, not 998!! everybody knows...

  3. And God Knows.

  4. Porsche gotto have the least imaginative and laziest design team in the whole world. Ferrari's designers are not the brightest in the world but at least they got the balls to break the mold. Call me when they do something like the CGT.

  5. am I the only one who notices a significantly longer wheelbase? If you ask me, the side profile view of the current 911s looks less than flattering if you focus on how short the gap is between the front & rear tires.

  6. Josh, good eye. The new 991 will have a longer wheelbase than the current 997.

  7. Even though I would really want the 911 to change totally in looks, in reality it just won't happen.. this car was always meant to have an evolutionary design phase.
    But the one thing that drives me crazy about Porsche design ( if there was any, because they are truly the laziest lot ) is the way they apply the 911 gene to every other car/suv in their line-up.
    They need to diversify and leave the true 911 design alone.

  8. To: buy r4i software
    When you do so much right with the initial car, you don't need to change it much. It's not lazyness, it's called
    Just check out the quality reports...no one has ever made a car as well as Porsche.

  9. Bob - Ever hear of Mercedes??? You need to expand your horizons.

  10. Well there's a shocker. It looks exactly like the old one. and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that.

  11. You know you have to love porsche's 911 series because they are about Evolution as opposed to Revolution. The one thing I dont like is that they are becoming quite large compared to where they were. Still amazing cars

  12. @ buy r4i software
    If you don't appreciate the designs by Ferrari and many other manufacturers, then go into the designing field and see for yourself if it is really that easy.
    Though the 911 really don't have large exterior differences each time they get redesigned (more like face lifts every time)

  13. The front reminds me of a Mitsubishi Eclipse

  14. just have to add my two cents worth here. Even though it looks like the wheelbase may be slightly longer it also looks like the body track has shrunk with most of the length being removed from the front with the cabin sitting further forward than before. This is just at first glance but that is usually a true indication of what you actually see !

  15. OK-The side sillouette is pretty standard 911. However when you look at this car front and rear there are significant differences. The back end straight on has a more truncated kamm tail look. The rear lights sit higher then the 997. Also,
    especially on the car with blue paint and less camoflous from a 3/4 front view with the new headlamps and that grill(shaped slightly differently,I swear I'm seeing a modern face of a Ferrari Dino 246.Think I'm crazy go get a picture and compare. Maybe its from the cladding on the headlamps but the front face is talking Italian to me.

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