Official: Cadillac Announces European Return

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2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

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Say what you will about General Motors' past decade or two of planning, its products have come a long, long way in the past several years. Unfortunately, few in the industry were able to predict the economic slump that so negatively affected almost all major automakers last year, both locally and across the globe.

Just when things looked ready to turn around for GM, the market collapsed. In Europe, the collapse of the Kroymans Group regional distributor, which handled imports for Cadillac, meant that GM was forced to pull Cadillac from more than half of its European markets

With new and exciting models in the pipeline, plus a general turnaround in economic conditions, Cadillac is now announcing its return to Europe.

A newly created organization, Cadillac Europe, will be established to manage import, distribution and marketing of a selected range of Cadillac models picked specifically for European markets. The vehicles will be retailed through a fully authorized Cadillac sales and service network in key markets and will be on display next week at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. One of the highlights will be the new 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe, which will be making its European debut.

Also on show will be CTS Sedan, high-performance CTS-V Sedan and the stylish CTS Sport Wagon. You can bet the sledgehammer CTS-V Coupe will also be heading across the Atlantic, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting M and AMG coupes.

Finally, Cadillac will also show off its SRX and Escalade Hybrid models in Geneva, which suggests both of these models will be headed to Europe as well.


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Comments (11)
  1. Another wasted effort by our friends over at GM.
    Here's a hint: First build the cars that European buyers want more than a comparable Audi or BMW...
    ...Then start exporting to Europe.

  2. HAHAHA yeah right like if the cts-V wasnt good enough for europeans! it kicks bmw's m5 ass and the interior look better than any bmw or audi... there nothing to compare against the escalade. and the XTS' gonna be on top of its category

  3. I live in Australia and having driven BMWs, Mercs and Audis, I would still pick a Cadillac if they sold it here - my first choice would be a Corvette though :)

  4. After the Opel fiasco and SAAB soap opera, GM faces a up mountain task to get Euros to buy Cadillac. Audi, BMW, Alfa will eat their lunch.

  5. Cadillac's latest products may be competitive, but they don't look 'right' in Europe.

  6. "Say what you will about GM" is key. Here we have the world's #1 auto maker watch their market share lose 50% of it's stake in sales over the period you mention. Korean upstarts build better rated vehicles over anything GM sells and then GM goes bankrupt! I own one of the "halo" GM vehicles and when I can justify getting out of it's expense it's gone. I promise it is the last one I buy. They have done a gross injustice to the American buyer-Watch out for those drooping headliners!

  7. This is a PR move, or empire building. So Europeans, who pay exorbitant fuel prices, inflated purchase prices and taxes based on engine displacement, desperately need an Escalade (12/15), CTS (18/27), and SRX (18/24)? Euros don't buy hybrids, they buy diesels! Lotsa luck with this ill-devised and quite predictable train wreck. Good thing GM doesn't have to worry about making money. Anyone who has taken Financial Accounting doesn't even need the back of a paper napkin to see this venture is going to lose money for the next five years. Why do the bean counters only sit on the product side?

  8. "there(s) nothing to compare against the escalade."
    Except for a Mercedes Benz GL550 - or a German Leopard 2A6 Tank - depending on your proclivities.
    In either case, German's don't go for American cars unless they're 40 year old muscle cars.

  9. Who cares I read elsewhere they are ditching the diesel engine that was slated for them, so now the will be a bit niche player in Europe at best

  10. It took Audi a long time to bounce back after the 60 minutes coverage of unintended acceleration. according to experts (i.e. usa today reporters), it should not take Toyota long ONCE the problem is fixed. after audi's trouble, fmc and/or gm (cannot remember which or whether both) had some bad press with their systems back then. many "good things" in safety followed. one should not be celebrating a company when injury has resulted.I think even death allegedly related to this brake issue.

  11. I saw the Top Gear guys with a Cadilac CTV,, they were initially sceptical until they drove the car. they were mightily impressed,,,,,, said it could compare with any European car including the big Audi

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