Spy shots: 2010 Nissan Patrol SUV

Nissan's next-generation Patrol is expected to debut next year as a 2010 model

Nissan's next-generation Patrol is expected to debut next year as a 2010 model

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Nissan's earlier production phase out of the Infiniti QX56 and the Nissan Armada SUVs at its Mississippi plant was claimed to have been done to free up production for the Nissan NV2500 commercial vehicle, but many commentators suspected that Nissan could be dropping these two underperforming models.

Now, spy shots from the Middle East seem to depict a new Nissan SUV, the Nissan Patrol, which is usually only sold in non-American markets but that could be hitting the States if the Armada and the Infiniti QX56 are removed from the lineup.

According to the source, the pictures were taken at a workshop held for training dealers and agents who would be receiving the car. The car will reportedly be stepping up its game to compete with the Toyota Land Cruiser, which includes offering a petrol V8 engine as well as a 3.0L V6 diesel engine, developed jointly with Renault. The 3.0L longitudinally-mounted diesel engine is expected to have around 265hp and 405lb.-ft of torque

In terms of its appearance, the new Patrol looks softer than the outgoing model, which should help it appeal to those want an SUV without the strictly utilitarian looks found in serious workhorses such as the previous generation Patrol and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The new interior seems to confirm this shift in attitude, with modern gadgets and luxurious leather being found in abundance to bring the Patrol into the 21st century. Coupled with what appears to be a satellite navigation screen in the center console and a control knob behind the gear lever, the new Patrol should find favor with customers not looking for an out-and-out utility vehicle.
Via: Al Motor News
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  1. so they still sell suv in foreign markets while we miss out on all the fun because the oil companies are ripping us off.

  2. Yeah, the oil companies are ripping us off since the price of gas went from about $4 a gallon to now about $1.50 or below in some areas.

  3. The Armada/QX are going because they are based on the Titan, which is being replaced by a pick-up sourced from Dodge (if Dodge exists in 2010).

    Nissan never brought the Patrol to the US because it was too hard edged for the market and too expensive to build.

    The Patrol is a nice rough duty wagon and is well regarded in Australia and southern Asia.

  4. the patrol was brought to the American market once before from 1960 through 1969. there were about 3000 of them. I know because I own a 1966. It is an amazing piece of machinery. I can drag around my non-running 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible in park just by hooking the chain to the bumper of the patrol, and it doesn't even flinch, with at least 200k miles on the original Drive line. very impressive vehicle, and the American counterpart since the mid-80's has been the Pathfinder. It would be interesting to see if they make this new Patrol into a 5 passenger or go for the original 6 passenger or do an 8 passenger which I don't think would make much sense due to the fact that the armada isn't doing well anyway. Guess we'll have to wait and see!


  5. check out latest nissan patrol 2010 pictures in UAE here

  6. the new nissan partol will established in gulf countrys first, the firest market for patrol
    the old desinge will stay as an offroud option and the one in the image will the high option class

  7. One off the best off roaders ever built ....even outdoes the Land Cruiser at times ...used very commonly for street racing and stunts in the middle east!! .check it out on You tube..brilliant engines commonly modded for extreme performance...Love them!!The new one seems very refined compared to the outgoin model ..Hope its as good

  8. u can fine latest news and pics for Nissan patrol 2010 @ : http://mycars2007.blogspot.com/2009/06/nissan-patrol-2010-new-pictures.html

  9. Nice idea, but Spy and everything else works a treat on the Nissan Patrol SUV in any case :)
    I love watching Spy :)

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