Meet Japan’s 180-KG Mitsuoka Micro Car

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Meet Japan’s 180kg Mitsuoka Micro-Car

Meet Japan’s 180kg Mitsuoka Micro-Car

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There’s no end to the wacky cars that are sold over in Japan. Car maker Mitsuoka, which created the strange looking Orochi supercar, has another model that’s aimed at motorists in tight inner-city areas where parking can be a major hassle. The small Mitsuoka Micro will be sold in kit form or as a completed model, featuring an air-cooled 50cc two-stroke motor joined to a sequential type automatic shifter. In kit form the car is labeled the K-4 while the completed version is called the Type R.

Total length of the small car is only 2490mm with width at just 1290mm. Thanks to its curb-weight of 180kg, the Micro can achieve a top speed of 50km/h while returning an average fuel consumption rate of 30km per liter. For the eco-friendly out there, Mitsuoka even provides a version powered by an electric motor. The Micro is still in its final testing stage and is awaiting safety approvals from Japan’s traffic ministry. Mitsuoka plans to supply 120 kit cars and 120 completed cars.
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Comments (4)
  1. Does the cute girl next to the red car come with it, or is she just a "serving suggestion"?

  2. It says in the press release that she'll help you put the kit car together. =)

    Interestingly, most Asian companies like their products to be pictured with a female. Samsung and LG regularly release new products where the only photo associated will be of a girl holding or using the product.

  3. Dear sirs,

    I would be very much to market your vehicle here in the caribbean.
    I worked for many years with Nissan and currently I am with the KIA Motor company.

    I will highly appreciate your feed back and or suggestions.
    Sincereley yours,
    Myron E. Jacobs

  4. I can see a market in Australia, however it would be nice to see a convertible top etc. also an engine increase. I am looking to become a distributer for the K4 and other products of this company I feel that if offered in large cities that it would do well against makers. I welcome any discussion with Company Reps.

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