The DC designed Rolls Royce coupe

The DC designed Rolls Royce coupe

The DC designed Rolls Royce coupe

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After the huge response we experienced with the DC Design three-door Cayenne, we thought it’d be a good idea to put up some new images of one of the design company’s previous "masterpieces", a Rolls Royce inspired coupe. Official details are scarce, but we believe the car is based on the original RR Silver Spirit saloon and created for an owner whose design brief was to build a Rolls Royce that would shock anyone who looked at it. The exterior has obviously been heavily modified with an eye to Nissan's 350z, but it also looks like the interior has undergone cosmetic surgery.

Real life images of the vehicle caught outside a top London hotel were posted earlier this year by UK’s Auto Express, but these new images reveal much greater detail. The real life images show a vehicle that doesn’t match the glamour of these studio shots and comments from those who’ve seen the pictures range from “what a beautiful coupe” to “it makes me want to barf.” We especially like the gullwing style doors and new light clusters. If you can’t wait for the new RR coupe that’s due for production next year, you could always contact India’s DC Design to build you one now. What do you think - lovely or ugly?

Click ahead for more high-res images.DC Design Rolls Royce Coupe
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Comments (28)
  1. DCD has some eclectic designs though not always harmony. In any case, its nice to see something different. BTW, the 350Z initial design was also penned by an Indian, Ajay something...

  2. remember the opening scene of "up in smoke" after chong jacked the grill off his dads roller and bolted it to his VW bug? thats all i can think about in between fits of laughter when i see this disaster.

  3. Nice to see something different? Are you kidding? This is reminiscent of GM rebadging the WRX as a Saab. Are we sure BMW isn't rebadging the Nissan 350z as a Rolls?!!?

  4. Utter and disgusting filth. Scum. Nothing original about this. DC is a few light years away from good design in custom cars. Shame on you who buy it. Excuse me while I puke on my keyboard…

  5. WooooW but i dont think RR would do it it just dont go with its CI ???

  6. Great !! Somebody comes up with something dofferent and he's a nutcase !! Dunno how many so called 'light years ahead' design companies would have the guts to do such a job on a Rolls for a customer.
    Agree that it looks a bit garish, but a bold move none-the-less !! :-)

  7. I think what they've done to the RR image is an act of blasphemy. What does DC think it's doing for pity's sake? It's not the Bat Mobile.

    Japs should be happy though...

  8. (Read this with an Indian Accent)
    What do those bloddy Indians think that they are doing? Have they gone f"*%ing mad?!?
    Bloody indians.

  9. (Read this with an Indian Accent)
    What do those bloody Indians think that they are doing? Have they gone f"*%ing mad?!?
    Bloody indians.

  10. That is Hott as Hell And bet it never comes to life. . . . .I would buy one if it did!!!

  11. it is very good

  12. I Love Rolls Royces , And I plan on owning one will soon.Could u send me some info on them!

  13. I think it looks like the other stupid japanese cars and doesnt fit the values of the RR.

  14. Only For Jimmy
    Some bloddy Indians to design something and some more "idiotic whites" in london will buy it.

    Culture does not come with skin color it comes with how you are grown up.

  15. Any available designs for Maruti WagonR

  16. i just love this design...this would be the milestone for dilip... i want to congratulate dc for this wounderfull design....

  17. From the front end, it appears to be nice. but from a side, full body view, it does look a bit off. I mean, for one; the front end sticks out too much, making the back end not fit that well. come on, this is a Rolls Royce; in the car industry that name means alot. You can't just go and make some random design with this car and call it "bad ass", it doesn't work that way.

    looks to me like they simply got lazy and tried to fit two completely different cars together because they had no inspiration or imagination... Now i'm not clownin' this car like the others, it's nice, it just doesn't have that RR quality to it. This, coming from a 17 year old, should tell you something about this car design (RETHINK! *in bright red neon lights*).

  18. this design isss so so sick i want to congratulate dc for this wounderfull design….

  19. It has been spotted in London (by Dutch carspotters)

  20. Man...the door panel still looks like a PADMINI...

  21. if anyones intrested the rolls is for sale at the chelsea workshop price £1.000.000 and its the only one in the world. called the rolls royce playboy

  22. i think that i have one good idea for u

  23. That ccarrrrr is HOTTER than jessica simpson

  24. that Dilip Chabbria DC just fuc** up any car, and his designs are deep down pathetic

  25. iots freaken awsome

  26. I have seen it! :-) a month ago in London. It certainly makes you stop and stare!!! I love it from the back, but im not sure about it from the side!

  27. Its such a shame that car is damn ugly, its a disaster when you think of the name RR, those designers must not drag RR's name to the MUD.

  28. Well maybe DC does not impress us with all his designs, but i don't think we must condemn him for being an Indian. Check out the Frazer-Nash Namir which is the fastest hybrid car in the world. It's mind blowing. Frazer-Nash is owned by an Indian.

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