'Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift' Cars For Sale

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift cars for sale

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift cars for sale

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The original Fast and the Furious was a pretty decent movie. Sure, it had the odd cheesy line (“I live life a quarter mile at a time”), but overall we enjoyed it. Then 2 Fast 2 Furious came out and it was on the same level as a Steven Segal movie. With a change in country and the removal of Paul Walker for the second sequel, we went into the cinemas expecting something closer to the first movie. Man, were we wrong.

The movie featured some of the worst acting we’ve ever come across, not to mention the ridiculous Forrest Gump-like accent of the lead character. Still, the film had some pretty cool cars, the standout being the bright orange Veilside Fortune RX-7.

Newera Imports is now offering all the original film cars as used in the making of the movie up for sale, including the aforementioned Veilside RX-7, a turbocharged RX-8, 350Zs prepared by Top Secret & Veilside, a few Silvias and a Skyline GT-R among others.

At present, the cars are on route to Yokohama, Japan, where they’ll be stored until sold. Each vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder, so anyone could own one of the cars from the movie. Ladies and gentlemen, start your bidding.


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Comments (104)
  1. man this is so dang tight, but i don't know how mush they want for it. Do you guys know? plaese help me out..

  2. i am looking to buy that Veilside Fortune RX 7 but they didnt show much for that ride i want to know so give me some help yo.

  3. I'm also looking at the mazada rx7 but sense they put on the Veil side body kit and a whole new motor they' re asking $1,000,000 for one because i called them so i would now!!!

  4. I'm also looking at the mazada rx7 but sense they put on the Veil side body kit and a whole new motor they' re asking $1,000,000 for one because i called them so i would know!!!

  5. hey do any of you guys now how i can contact them about the cars from tokyo drift thanx wb

  6. its 1 of the best cars i have ever seen in my life i didnt now what type of car it was at first and i couldent care less

  7. Hey how much do you want for the RX-7 & the 350Z.
    I need to no.

  8. im looking for this 350 z used in tokyo dirft..
    can i know the price for it? please .
    Thanks, I will be waitng for your reply!!

  9. those cars suck yo all of them

  10. im lookin for the green car bin tokyo drift...
    the one lil bow-wow had.

  11. that orange/black car....that the nissan?

  12. misibishti was cool but he was asking me£800,000 mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. the one guy josh must not kno cars if he said that every car from that movie suck because the first dk 02 nissan 350z was hot and so was hans 72 rx-7

  14. The RX 7 rocked!!

  15. But Im only 13 so...

  16. hi they r askin $1,000,000 for it what the hellim looking for any fast and the furious cars im especially looking for the honda civic from the first FATF so if anyone could get me hooked up with anyone who has one for sale also any car from the FATF range but im a first time car buyer and im only 18 so im trying to find a cheap one really so my email is chrishondas2000249@hotmail.com if anyone could get in contact with me if they have found anyone selling please thanks everyone

  17. I have custom '94 mitsubishi 3000gt vr-4 if interested. $9000 rt6@verizon.net

  18. im a 11 years old im wondering if these cars will be still out in 2012 im offering $9000,$8000or 1,000,000 pounds for it when im older. i have $5000 pounds in my bank write bakmate

  19. how much for the red EVO.

  20. hi

  21. hi im 10 years old and i watched tokyo drift when it came out on dvd i watched 1 time a week i love the rx 7 veilslide twin turbo how much do u want for the beast my dad asked me so i am asking you

  22. You guys really like those cars dont you... there charging 1 million for the rx7 because thats the popular 1 as well as the evo 9. last year i orded the veilside fortune body kit got it installed on my rx7 at stillwell spray painted it pearl orange and gun black looks and is identical to Han's rx7

  23. Ohhh and im not the aaron at the top im a different 1

  24. Ohh the only thing different about my veilside fortune rx7 is the mags

  25. I am only intrested in the Acura NSX Type Zero, would be nice to know a price but im bettin they are all sold

  26. Does any1 no how much the shelby mustang is? I really want to no how much they sell 4

  27. i was looking at bying the rx7 i will get my money together and brople by it


  28. I may only be 14 but you guys need to grow up the orange rx-7 is actually kinda stupid (the price and all) if you were really actually smart and you had 1million dollars to spend on a car then you might as well buy an rx-7 and put on the veilside body kit and paint it it doesn't really have much under the hood its called movie magic most of the drifting scenes were just really good cg but w.e you continue droolin over the rx-7 but you'd be smart to listen to me.

  29. if you search up tokyodrift on google there will be a picture of the rx-7 with writing underneath "omg the new skyline" how much more retarded can you get!!?!

  30. Looking for the price of the blue and orange Nissan Silvia where do you go to buy the Fast and the Furious cars?

  31. yo mike dont u dare dis the nissan skyline it is the best

  32. i need to buy that rx-7 how much is it cost? plz answer

  33. how much is this car

  34. gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  35. this is for the aaron that made his rx7 look like hans how much did it cost to do all that work to it

  36. U guys are all stupid its 1,000,000 yens a lil' more so its around 12,000 US think thats unbelievable i was amazed to

  37. how much for the RX7??? wb thanks

  38. hey yo mark first of all fast and the furiouse tokyo drift is an amarican movie and they put alot of their money into buying all the cars- they thought this movie was going to make millions in the industry but... most of the people who watched it either downloaded it or watched it on a pirated copy soooo... to gain their millions back they have to sell their cars for millions. and back to my point the movie is amarican so i dont think the producer/ director want yen... im sorry (im the mike whos 14) up top

  39. k so wtf, the shelby mustang, you DO NOT PUT some weak ass drifting japanese engine in american muscle. and the 350-z frikken blows, you guys wouldnt know a fast car if it beat you in a quarter mile. do you know what Ford stands for for the cars eh?
    Day like hly crap man, those are weak ass engines indeed, its all movie frikken magic, and all of you asking to buy those things, its crap and you can't afford it anyway. exspecially mark. its not going to sell for 12g, its like fkn million you idiot. i agree with mike (the smartass 14 year old who knows more about cars than all of you lmfao
    a million yen isnt that much, the world doesnt run on a solid everythings the same currency system, go to the BMO website, youll find a currency converter. you cant even pay for the dual exhaust power turbo booster dail with 12 g's! your all just grease monkey wanna be's.

  40. and if you actually believe any of that crap about a dail your on pot.

  41. veilside wants it in yen

  42. i have 1,000,000 but i wont waste it on that. it may look good on the outside but in 7 to8 years no one would even like it anymore. any way i would rather go to pimp my ride they would do the same thing. or even better. and i would get to meet xibit. thats what i would do. hell yeah

  43. veilside is amarican -_- idiot... (fourteen year old mike)

  44. Han's RX-7 is tha bomb so is Takashi's Nissan 350Z allso (Veilside rules!)

  45. how much for the han's silvia

  46. lol zack are u smokin crack or sumthin u fakin idiot. a well tuned s15 or rx7 would leave u hemi or what not standing . ive seen a s15 race a dodge ram at santa pod drag race track and the s15 was only runnin 1lb of boost on the turbo and still it beat it threw 1st second and third and wuda still beat it all the was but the track ran out . so shut ur trap u idiot and read summin.

  47. is it possible to make a 93 rx 7 look like that?

  48. i was actually just wondering what year that rx 7 is, cause ive checked a few sites and i cant seem to find it. Can someone help me?

  49. guess what just bought my rx7 fortune for guess how much 11,000 so you guys could keep riding your litlle tricycles

  50. yo how much is the siliva S15 and the evo cost?

  51. i'll bid 30,000 USD. email me if you want to do the sale.

  52. im looking at the 350Z. but im only 11 so... IN MY DREAMS!

  53. bull that rx-7 is the best

  54. hello eany 1 ere

  55. all the fast and ther furiouss are da bomb u aint gonna get better tha that??? well im 14 so yeh...

  56. their selling the cars for 1,000,000 yen wich is like $9,000. i know im suprised to!

  57. One of the Veilside RX7's was located in Belgium - Europe, don't know if they sold it yet...

  58. im 16 and about to get a car and i like the rx7 cuz its my dream car, i almost got one off ebay but it was a scam and i lost $3500 so it would be so sick if i could get 1. i could get $6500 cash !!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!

  59. no body could drive this car i have driven in it. ti is so fast it is like you are flying

  60. dude i want that shelby cobra

  61. I would like to buy DK's Nissan 350z Veilside ver 3, without the APS. I am a serious bidder up for $38,000 american. Please give me information on where I could buy this from, my e-mail is bakura_123@hotmail.com. Price could be more negotiable with information on what is inside, the better, the more money I will pay.

  62. dat 14 yr old is a winki, he dnt know nutin bowt cars cuz he haznt ever read a damn magzine wit stats on dem cars

  63. lol " dude" your a dumbshit to be reading the info of a car in a magazine and that 14 year old kid is a moron also the whole car has been modified ENGINE BAY too stupid...and like most of the guys were saying..why spend 1 million on a friggen car..just buy the car for like what..10grand? and spend another 10-15 on it? saves you that much more money...and just because its in a movie doesnt mean its the BEST CAR IN THE WORLD...retards..secondly..i can build a car faster than any of them tokyo drift cars...the fastest one in the movie was the 350z..yet it was the HEAVIEST....horsepower isnt everything..throw weight on it and see how fast it is...and brad...these cars dont fly..they are nothing compared to cars that no name guys on the streets build up...of course you drive one when its in tokyo at this point..the stupid part about this is they are using close to 18-20 inch rims on these cars..and DRIFTING...they are about 1 inch from the wheel-weld and the tire itself...it only looks good because they are drifting on FLATLAND with these cars..the best one i would say for these movie is the EVO IX because they actually used it for what its good for...rallying/drifitng,,anyways you guys are total idiots..just wanted to point that out...bye

  64. i had fun to watch the film so from now on i started to drift

  65. ok just tell me what year the RX-7 is and where i can buy a VeilSide bodykit

  66. Alright Im with "vi3t" on this one here any man can build a car like these...their are also cars that are higher performance than these on the streets. Most People that are on here prolly dont know a thing about these cars. Weight, Aero Dynamics Horsepower and much more make a car..if its got 500 horspower and weighs a shit load its not gunna go ne faster off the line than a car running 350-400 horse with a weight reduction of a few hundred pounds. Many things factor into the performance of ur cars. Go On and buy one of these cars spend a shit load of money on something u could spend an 10th of the price and have a car better than these..and one other thing if u dont know whats ur cars packin and ur some rich punk goes and buys a decked out ride ...u aint got shit..Build ur own car...If u can afford one of these u can afford to build ur own car...come up with a design of ur own..maybe its just me im 16 just tossing my opinion around here...if u r a real car guy build ur own dont go buying something just because it was on a movie..be real here..Im Out Peace

  67. jus wanted to let every1 kno you can make the same car that Han has for a lot cheaper than they\'re selling, find a nice 93 -97 Mazda RX7 cuz the body kit only fits on those models, then buy the Mazda RX7 Fortune Widebody Kit which will cost you about 12 grand in most body shops, then eaither color it Sunset Orange Pearl or make your own cool design, the car in the movie used a HKS single turbocharger which produced about 320hp, but its probly a lot funner to tune it up yourself, so without puttin any mods the total outcome should be anywher between 30 to 40 grand depending on the model of the rx-7 you bought
    then if you want to make it like Hans car you\'ll need a HKS T04Z single turbo conversion kit, massive intercooller shoved under the front bumper, big Rotora brakes, A\'PEXi coil-over shocks and vast 19 inch Andrew Evo-V wheels insice P255/30ZR19 front and P305/25ZR19 rear Toya Proxes radials, which would probly take a pro to install

  68. awesome car's in d movie

  69. awesome car's used in d movie. nice stunts. coooooooooool movie

  70. dey r hard out cars but 1 mill for rx7 vielside sounds a bit high

  71. i love the Veilside Rx-7 so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. I love the Veilside Rx-7 so much yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. You all are freakin gay! All those movies are a bunch of B.S. The end race right before the credits was crap because I'm 12 years old and if that syliva went up against that roadrunner on a drag the plymouth would win. Iknow from personal experience.
    The rx-7 was a shity car with an engine transplant and a body kit. The mustang sounded like shit and so dod all of the other cars with the exception of the roadrunner. SO stop the bitching and shut the fuk up.

  74. Hi to all, i don't really want to get in to it with anyone, you guys can fight back and forth all you want, but "Pat" had the best advice. Also for "Zach" who thinks FORD stands for "First On Race Day" you are an idiot, FORD stands for "Found On Road Dead". DUH! One more thing; the U.S. dollar is worth 119yen. So 1million yen is only $8403.36. I do still believe that they want more around 1 million U.S. dollars. Anyway, for all you that want look-a-like cars just listen to "Pat". Or go get a cool car that you like and make it your own, thats what I did. 1994 Toyota supra twin turbo. IT IS FUN!!!!! to all you illegal street racers. GOODBYE

  75. the engines of the rx-7 and 350z itself it worth 15,000 each

  76. that mike kid is a noob and he's pissin me off

    veilside is japanesse

    Yokomaku Hiranao. "Yoko" means "side" and "maku" means "veil", any car import car nut would know this

  77. Hi all man use need somethin better 2 talk about... how bout bikes... u like bikes?

  78. the rx7 r ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````dean.jade

  79. ok um im going to put up 200,000,000 for the rx-7 and im wondering were do i go to get it and if theirs any higher bider hit me with all u got cuz i got a couple more million were that came from yes the rx-7 is mine at last

  80. i only 14 but when i olda i want dat silvia bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so non of u touch it or even look at it

  81. Yeah the rx7 is bad and so is the evo, but i still like the Supra from part one, the only thing i didnt lie about the movie is the fake stuff like when he is drifting up the mountain with the girl and they're talking and its so silent and calm, yeah thats bullshit you know it would have been roaring inside and they would have been adrenaline rushed not all calm

  82. Hey guys! i see you are talking about all the cars from tokyo drift, does anyone want to buy the blue and orange silvia s15 spec S from the movie? i have one of the silvia's from the movie i bought it from Newera Imports a few months ago, feel free to get in touch my e-mail is stripe_1_1_2@yahoo.co.uk

    Its a great car and it needs a good home! :)

  83. Hi guys, the RX7 everyone is talking about i must say is a very nice car. We currently have access to 3 of these cars, 1st is the exact replica out of TOKYO DRIFT driven by han, 2nd is the same car but in DARK PURPLE and BLACK(looks stunning) and the 3dr is the same but in YELLOW and BURGANDY which also looks stunning and has been fully customised in side and under the hood by VEILSIDE(including NOS). All 3 are the real deal and look amazing, nothing like these on the road. Please feel free to contact me for prices and pictures. And these cars are no where near 1million! here is my email if you guys want pictures or prices or to make offers on these cars - hickmandale@hotmail.co.uk

    Many thanks

  84. We also have access to many other cars, including a 1000bhp Skline R34 GTR, all the new 08/09 skyline GTR and many japanese demo cars, anything you want we can get. Just let me know the car your looking for and your budget and we will find one for you.

    Many thanks

  85. I want the cheapesst car possible i only have $800.000 to spend on a car i was going to get a veyron whick some one offerd one for $700.000 so please reply ASAP or i'll get the veyron.

  86. Which*

  87. all you guys can just buy a stock car then buy upgrade parts matching the bodykits on the movie series

    bodykits & performance parts
    www.craiglist.com (for every-thing)
    www.ebay.com (for every-thing)
    for cars
    Han's RX7 Body Kit

    just check out bodykits.com & andyautosports.com for all your modification needs and check out the original manufacture's website, its always good to buy stock and convert it your self.

    it isn't fun when the work on your car isn't done by your self, :D

  88. so to make hans rx7 did they just get a 93-97 mazda rx7 then put the veilside fortune bodykit on it?

  89. oh and my email is jolly_roger13@hotmail.com send me a message

  90. all you guys can just buy a stock car then buy upgrade parts matching the bodykits on the movie series

    bodykits & performance parts
    www.craiglist.com (for every-thing)
    www.ebay.com (for every-thing)
    for cars
    Han's RX7 Body Kit

    just check out bodykits.com & andyautosports.com for all your modification needs and check out the original manufacture's website, its always good to buy stock and convert it your self.

    it isn't fun when the work on your car isn't done by your self, :D

    do u mean buy a 93-97 mazda rx7 then just get the fortune body kit?

  91. ya are all dumb ok look buy a mazda 93-97 rx7 for like 10-15gs and i give you the link to buy the new body kit here and it on 11,000 grands

  92. i want to have this car but i dont know where yo buy it, so if you know a place, or your selling it, please contact me at - ausdboss@yahoo.com thank you!!!

  93. im 14 and know that you can buy mazda rx-7 for 13k and then buy the veilside fortune body kit with every thing you need for 11k. then put any engine mods you want, paint it and then you have the same car for 40k rather then 1,000,000

  94. this car is the best car in the WORLD I have ever seen and since I am only yong I'll beg my dad to buy it and please tell me wher to buy it.

  95. Where is the links for the cars?

  96. This is fairly old But i find it hilarious that 11 to 15 year olds are on here bidding for Million Dollar Cars.. And I'm Sorry Theres no Way in Hell a Veilside '93 RX-7 is going to Sell For 11gs American. ESPECIALLY Not When The Engine alone is worth about 30k. Not to Mention the Fact that Unless These Cars Are Returned To factory tuning. I Doubt their Even street legal. Either Way. Why waste the Ridiculous amount of Cash on something Your Local Tuner Could do For about 70k Less!!!!

  97. Ok guys 1st off if you want a good way to spend a million go buy a Mclaren F1 Street legal car they do 200mph+ 0-60 in 2.3 sec was the fastest car in the world at one time its a sweet ride, granted those imports are sweet and id love one but lets be real the Mclaren would smoke any of them so spend your money wisely. have a good night

  98. the thing is these cars are sick but the nos {nitro) will not be there so they will be the same as a normal version mabey loader

  99. how much for vins in the new movie plz email me back

  100. Guys, the complete Veilside Fortune body kit for the Rx7 goes for $11,000.
    Anything Veilside is definitely worth every penny though.
    Hope I helped.

  101. animal car man, is it still stock i would love to have one of those rides.
    i know i am only 15 but i will be driven in 3years, would it still be stock?

  102. The RX-7 is crap, its rotary engine had so many issues, it wasn't worth it, just like its new one the RX-8, over priced crap. The 350Z is another piece of junk. The S15 Silvia or the Skyline R34 were the only decent cars in the whole movie. EVO's/STI's more junk. The Roadrunner or Monte Carlo were the only muscle cars, but the roadrunner is the only decent muscle car. They should have left them alone and tried to have a new Monte Carlo with Earnhardt's name on it. Waste of Chevy money. You need to aim higher and look beyond these crap imports. That Viper is junk too...hence the name Dodge. They should have turned that 65' Mustang into a Super Snake.

  103. i got 22.0000 for the Rx-7

  104. how much the all body kits engine just like in tokyo drift I want that car???

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