Design: Lamborghini Embolado concept

Design: Lamborghini Embolado concept

Design: Lamborghini Embolado concept

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For those who feel Lamborghini's styling has been severely softened by the impact of parent company Audi, the Lamborghini Embolado concept shows a possible design direction that’s anything but soft. The only problem is it’s not official.

Created by Italian design student Luca Serafini, the idea of the Embolado came from the Spanish festival Toro Embolado, meaning 'bull in balls', an event where balls of flammable material are attached to the horns of a bull and lit on fire. The bull is then set free in the streets at night. “The choice of the name was the first step towards the creation of this concept,” says Serafini. He's even created a Superleggera version of the car with similar styling cues to the recently released Gallardo Superleggera.

Designing the Embolado stemmed from Serafini's dream to work at Lamborghini, however he is no stranger to designing Italian supercars, having previously conceptualized a Ferrari Dino. In fact, Serafini is a native of Modena so inspiration for automotive exotica would have come at an early age. The cab forward design approach is also fairly unique to the supercar world, making the Embolado even more of a head-turner than usual.

His latest creation is based on the dimensions of the Gallardo, but seems much more true to Lamborghinis of old where the cars would instill fear both standing still and in motion. We could envisage a new entry-level Lambo looking exactly like this, making a perfect rival for the rumored Dino model from Ferrari. If someone from Lamborghini is reading this please pass it on to the proper authorities.

Via our friends at Car Body Design. You can check out Luca's portfolio here.
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Comments (18)
  1. this is one hott car. Hopefully they'll take this guys model and make good use out of it.

  2. They need to be able to keep their designs fresh. This would do it for them. Much more aggressive than previous designs but still in the same family as the current style.

  3. Reminds me of Lamborghini's Countach from years ago.

  4. It looks like shit.. Designed by a student usually equals to not production. Sorry but I hate it.

  5. Surely you jest! That thing looks like that car from that shitty movie Minority Report. It's like the bastard child of that futuristic Lexus and a modern day Cadillac. A Lamborgini tractor is more pleasing to the eye...

  6. It needs refining, but it's pure Lamborghini...

  7. I'm half-half on this one. Looks kind of weird but it's undeniably aggressive looking. Refine it a bit and it could become a seriously cool car.

  8. aggressive? i think the new civic looks more aggressive than this thing. this student's taken the gallardo and messed with the proportions until it looks bubbly. the original is much more aggressive.. lower, streamlined, needless overhangs..

    i realize that the cabin's been pushed up for weight distribution, but let ferrari make an ugly car that goes fast. lambo has always been about looking the part, and losing in the corners. sink that cabin lower and further back. its the only way to be.

    this car is effectively completely backwards to the way i think the perfect car should be: big engine mounted front-mid, and a driver and a passenger sitting on the back axel. this is completely backwards.

  9. I can't deny it's daring... I bet it wouldn't get one single ponit in EuroNCAP's pedestrian test.

    "Bola" means "ball" in Sapnish, and many of its derivatives are derogatory and/or profane. In this case, "embolado" is a strong Uruguayan Spanish word for "bored".

  10. Pretty good. Lambo should hire this guy.

  11. What has this student done?! The lamborghini is prestigious and beautiful, but this car looks like a giant piece of crap. It looks like something that was designed in the far past. I expected Lamborghini to have style and a sleak look but this is just plain out horrible. All they need to do is modernize the front of the car and maybe it can last.

  12. I must say this is one of the most coolist and agressive looking cars ive ever seen. This guy is good.

    But if it does go into production, hopefully Lamborghini has good enough performance, power and agrassivenes to match the looks. (of course it is lamborghini!!)

  13. I like this car better than the Revention! And that's saying something! One of the things that makes it appealing to me is how the cabin has been pushed forward and up.

  14. looks like 'Bruce' the Great White from 'Finding Nemo' Imagine looking in your rear view mirror and seeing that!! Great car!

  15. Amazing car and whoever thinks otherwise is an idiot.

  16. Well as this concelt car is now THREE YEARS OLD I hope to god that Lamborghini have moved their designs on a long wat from this dogs dinner !!
    The profile gives it a hunchback look mated to the shockingly bad cab forward design ethos. Lambos are meant to be a design in flowing lines that make me think of a Great white shark prowling just under the surface for it;s next meal . and not a pregnant hippo performing ballet in Army boots which the Embolado does.

  17. This Lambo looks Hot.
    I bet you guys if you see it in person, all those negative comment would change in a heartbeat. That thing looks killer. But I think they should kept the Gallardo back lights for this car. Would look sweet.

  18. I am a huge fan of the fantastic Lamborghini brand, bud I have to say the latest Embolado design has failed to impress me.. The vehicle looks as if it ran into a wall.. Please quys.. I know you can do better than this.. Regards.

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