Chrysler PT Cruiser Will Cruise No More

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2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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On the back of falling sales and a model run that has lasted a decade, Chrysler finally ended production of its retro-styled PT Cruiser on Friday at its Toluca plant in Mexico.

Released for the 2000 model year with retro looks and an affordable price, the PT Cruiser immediately became an icon for many, allowing dealers to inflate their prices to suit the demand. Fast forward to today and the car remains almost untouched, barring subtle styling changes made in 2006. Sales peaked in 2001, with numbers reaching 144,717 units. Last year Chrysler sold just 17,941 units, which together with this year’s tally of 4,917 units brings the PT Cruiser’s total production run to 1.35 million worldwide.

The very last Chrysler PT Cruiser to roll off the production line was a Stone White version destined for a home in the U.S. Production lines in the Toluca plant will now gear up to start churning out the just-as-funky 2011 Fiat 500.

It’s interesting to note that some of the key people responsible for the PT Cruiser include Bob Lutz, who needs no introduction, as well as Bryan Nesbitt, who now heads the design team for Cadillac. The car is also considered one of the most profitable small cars in history and it was originally pegged to wear a Plymouth badge--a switch to Chrysler was necessary since the Plymouth brand was being phased out at the time.


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Comments (13)
  1. And the sports cars remain Dodge, don't they?

  2. It's the end of an era, but, the PT Cruiser had a good run! From 2000 (MY2001) to 2009, that's a lengthy span. The PT Cruiser is the only remaining Chrysler vehicle based on the old Neon platform.

  3. I always hated this thing, good riddance.

  4. Shame. What it needs isn't to be cancelled but a complete makeover. Preferably a more comfortable interior (where you don't feel like you're sitting on a stool). It needs atleast 30MPG average etc etc..

  5. yay!!!!!!!!!!! i hate the pt cruiser! with you 'superskyline89' when tis first came out i gagged, wanted to set it on fire and dry it off with my urine. yeah... i really dont like the pt cruiser have fun in car hell

  6. Couldn't agree more with a couple of the posters who have already expressed their revulsion for this little monstrosity. Never mind the "utilitarian" interior, the sit-up-and-beg driving position, awful suspension (thanks, Neon), and the lousy pedal location.

    My biggest issues with this car were the ridiculously huge turning circle and the appalling visibility (the blind spot is deceptively large). I can see why people might like the look, but I can't see why they would risk life and limb to drive this hunk of junk.

    I will walk out of any rental car company that issues me one of these death-traps.

  7. Roy: In fact, I got a low mileage PT Cruiser as a rental once and it died on me in an underground parking garage, so your wariness is well warranted.

  8. Hertz and enterprise will have to find a new way to embarrass me on vacation.

  9. I have had my pt since 2002. It don`t let me down or do me wrong. No problems what so ever! 143,000 miles and 8 years old it has been the best car that I have ever had. I`m 55 years old and I have had a lot of cars and I took care of eveyone and the pt is the only one that I have ever had this long. She is still in Great shape. Thanks Chrysler for the PT.

  10. I've had a PT for six years(2002 model) and by and large it has been pretty reliable. A bit thirsty when I slam my foot down but I'll run it into the ground as my last car-i'm 71.
    2 main faults however. A very large turning cicle - too large for UK roads and bad front suspension. The vulcanised rubber joints on the lower control arms only last me 15000, repeat 15000.
    But it drives good, starts every time and there's no rust on the bodywork. Like I said, I'll see it out, but I wouldn't have another, if they still made them.

  11. I actually love this car. I think they should still make more.The Pt.Cruiser is the best.

  12. I have a 2005 PT Cruiser and I love it! My wife & I travel in it...comfortable ride on the highway (although I do wish it got better mileage) and lots of room inside for things we buy when we're away. I wish they'd make this car again!

  13. can you still get parts for the PT cruiser?

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