Cadillac exec confirms sub-CTS model and STS/DTS replacement

The baby Caddy is due within the next “24 to 30 months” and will be followed by a sedan bigger than the current STS

The baby Caddy is due within the next “24 to 30 months” and will be followed by a sedan bigger than the current STS

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In late 2007 Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor revealed that the current STS and DTS models would be dropped at the end of their respective product cycles in favor of a single luxury sedan. While General Motors’ financial woes led many to believe that the new Caddy flagship model had been put on hold, the luxury division’s marketing chief has revealed that the STS/DTS replacement is still in development but will be preceded by a sub-CTS model.

Speaking with TheDetroitBureau, GM exec Steve Shannon explained that the elimination of Hummer, Saab, and Saturn will be beneficiary for GM’s other brands as it will leave extra resources for them. In the case of Cadillac, we will see the launch of the new SRX, CTS SportWagon and Coupe, as well as the eventual sub-CTS and flagship models.

The "sub-CTS" would be a 3-Series contender slotted under the CTS and would likely be Cadillac’s highest volume model, Shannon explained. This won’t be a just another BLS but a brand new global model with “dedicated architecture and content.” The new car is tipped to be based on a compact RWD platform currently development at GM called Alpha. Shannon went on to reveal that the compact four-door sedan could be on sale within the next “24 to 30 months” and may spawn hatchback and convertible versions. A diesel version is also being considered for the U.S.

As for the STS/DTS replacement, Shannon said the car would need to be bigger than the STS though it still needs to be fuel-efficient and meet toughening global standards for fuel economy. He wasn’t willing to give a release date for the car but with the STS and DTS being withdrawn from the market in the near future the new Cadillac flagship should be on sale early next decade.
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  1. I think Cadillac is in worse trouble now, in terms of sales, than it was in the early to mid 1980's with their terrible engines (V8-6-4, diesel, V-6, HT4100).
    I think the difference is people still wanted the cars back then. Cadillac knew who it was. The company seems to be going through an identity crisis today.
    What do others think?

  2. I think the 2008 CTS is the finest mid sized sedan ( 190 inches ) available. If a person drives on a track at 10/10's then BMW is a good comparison, but for more than 90% of a persons driving on American roads the CTS should be outstanding at many thousands of dollars less money. I have had two E- Class MB's, an ES 300 and two GS's and my wife drives an M, but my next car will be an AWD CTS. Notice that the AWD is not a computer operated brake system that can burn up one's brakes or lock up in real slick conditions. I had this happen in a friend's Lexus. For adequate power, comfort, handling and price I cannot think of anything better.

  3. Gene, You make some interesting points and you are right with regard to price. Cadillacs are cheap enough now, especially a one year old model, but they aren't accomplishing the crash test results of your other cars. Crash test results are a big issue with me. Beyond that I the Cadillac's fit and finish is just average for what is suppose to be a flagship car. Having been a Mercedes and Lexus owner too I will take your other cars you mentioned.

  4. DavidW:

    I have no idea where your statistics are pulled from, but I just visited, and you are wrong. The Cadillac CTS bested the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in frontal and side crash testing, along with meeting the rating earned on rollover resistance. The Cadillac also met or bested the Lexus ES300.

    To your second point, how is the CTS giving only second class fit and finish? Not only is it not the flagship vehicle of Cadillac (it starts at around $33,000.00), but it also has one of the first hand-stitched leather interiors in the industry. Additionally, it has won numerous awards, noting interior quality, that its competition obviously has not. Your claims are subjective, but so are mine. However, I have the statistics to back my beliefs, whereas you attempt to sound as if you understand the industry from an obviously European/Japanese biased point of view. I am a fan of both European and American vehicles; Lexus, in my opinion, is just an overpriced Toyota where consumer spending can be better allocated. However, when the American companies produce a world-class vehicle that has been hailed a savior for Cadillac, and a bench mark for other companies to meet by many differentiated editors, it seems there is an undeniable fact that the Cadillac is an excellent car.

  5. I'm going to miss the big boat. I've got a '99 [DeVille] and am hoping to have an '08 [DTS] by next fall.

    I'm really hoping the replacement is more like the DTS and less like the STS.


  6. Sorry to see the DTS replacement is to be put on hold. It's the only Cadillac that still holds my interest. What will happen to the Lucerne that's built on the same platform and in the same plant? Looks like the boy racers have taken over Cadillac. Thought GM stock might be a bargain at around $10.00 a share, but with Cadillac's future in doubt, now I'm not so sure.

  7. This is another case with GM either flop-flopping, dangling the carrot, selling out, or pulling the rug out from under us!

    Is this a case where the Zeta-based Successor is on hold/delayed, or canceled/pulled (I would hope on the former)?

    The Sigma-based STS is fine and has great dynamics, but it is getting a little long in the tooth, albeit not so horribly dated, but the DTS, even though it's nicely appointed, is a bit stodgier and on a dated chassis which began with the MY1994 Oldsmobile Aurora- a cutting-edge platform of it's day but time has now passed. This successor was supposed (and may still) cover both lines into one.

    Now, that hot and well-received new Lincoln MKS will certainly blow away the Cadillac DTS (if the DTS hangs on die to a replacement being "on hold") on many levels, and it also sports AWD, has great road-presence with contemporary, elegant style, it's V6 is on par power-wise with the DTS's (standard) Northstar V8 and will soon get an upgrade with a powerful Eco-Boost V6 engine.

    Other brands and competitors are going forward with high-end vehicles: MB has the S-Class (recently introduced generation), BMW is introducing a new-generation 7-Series, Jaguar has a redesigned XJ on deck, Maserati has it's Quattroporte, Lexus has it's LS line, Infiniti is said to have a Q45 successor in development, Porsche in soon to release it's Panamera (though this is a higher-eschelon like the Quattroporte), Acura has announced higher tier offerings of a sedan and more, and even Hyundai is being a player here with the introduction of the Genesis sedan, though not has top shelf as the aforementioned vehicles, but upmarket with a V8 offering!

    Granted, the current CTS is fantastic and expanding! The Escalade line is legendary and the XLR is a striking halo. The SRX will be upscale, but a more mainstream, affordable and smaller crossover below the Escalades for more choice. But, where will Cadillac be with premium sedans?! It won't be in the game! Cadillac is not about humility!

    Of note, the current STS is fine, but not top-tier - it runs more with the 5-Series, E-class, GS, M35/M45, XF and even the Hyundai Genesis sedan. Even Pontiac will likely get more recognition with it's new G8.

  8. Sucks but makes sense, since the replacement would be the size of the 7 series, and GM is focused on making smaller engines, not ones to power a vehicle of that size, which is usally V8s and V12s.

  9. "Sucks but makes sense". Ditto. In the next decade, the SRX and CTS will become more important than the STS and Slade.

  10. Well at least this means the Alpha platform is probably still alive

  11. EXCUSE ME??? The MKS is butt ugly and I've not read one article where it blows anything away...
    Elegant styling?... please - Maybe compared to a Focus.

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