Toyota's Avensis sedan finally revealed

2009 toyota avensis paris 005

2009 toyota avensis paris 005

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The third-generation Avensis sedan has been released at the Paris Motor Show, along with the Urban Cruiser compact SUV. The Avensis will continue to be built at Toyota’s Burnaston plant in the UK, and is set to go on sale in January next year.

Like the Urban Cruiser, the Avensis will focus on delivering a big-vehicle experience in a small-vehicle package, with low emissions and high fuel efficiency. The company's new Valvematic petrol engine technology gives a claimed 10 to 26% reduction in CO2 emissions, while the upgraded D-4D diesel engines improve CO2 emissions by up to 10%.

A wide range of engines will be available in the new Avensis, including two petrol engines and three diesels. The two petrols, displacing 1.8L and 2.0L, will output 145hp (108kW) and 150hp (111kW), respectively, with the primary advantage of the 2.0L over the 1.8L coming in the form of torque, generating 144lb-ft (196Nm) to the smaller engine's 132lb-ft (180Nm). The three D-4D diesels will produce 124hp (92kW), 148hp (110kW), and 175hp (130kW) from their 2.0L and 2.2L displacements. Acceleration figures are only revealed for the top-end diesel engine, and at 8.5 seconds to 62mph (100km/h) it's easy to see why Toyota isn't bragging about the other engines, though they are admittedly economy-focused.

Two new transmission options are also available: a Multidrive S transmission option for petrol engines and new six-speed automatic for the diesels. The Multidrive S is a CVT, but has the capability to function as a seven-stage automatic transmission, and has been specifically designed to combat the whine common to most CVTs.

It's worth noting that the European Avensis is not related to the Avensis Verso MPV, which is based on a separate platform and built in Japan.
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Comments (12)
  1. The sedan is the nicest looking Toyota I have seen, the other two look like someone beat them with an ugly stick.

  2. Looks like a VW Passat from the profile except for the squared off tail lights. Wonder what the front looks like?

  3. bring avenis to usa

  4. Why do so many car designers have to steal BMW's Hoffmier-kink for the side window design? Can't someone come up with something equally interesting?

  5. Obviously not.

  6. The third car is a Scion xD here in the US and to my knowledge is not selling well.

  7. Ok, the front needs some work, so I am retracting my nicest looking Toyota comment till they make it look nicer.

  8. Maybe center the logo a bit and tone down the agressiveness

  9. The Avensis is a typical Toyota design: take a hopelessly bland design and add a hideous front end treatment for "visual interest". I hope they can retain their quality/reliability rep in the market because they sure won't be able to sell anything based on looks.

  10. Toyota will have to fire the blind designer that penned the Avensis if it wants to do better in Europe. That thing is almost as ugly as the Chrysler Sebring and that's not a comparison Toyota should be happy with.

  11. This seems like a car they realy don't need to build,
    Its really not all that different then the new carolla S
    The hatch back wagon might do ok, but they don't need to make this. just consentrate on technology and better fuel economy.

  12. This car is junk. I have been unfortunate enough to drive a few of these at work and absolutly hate it. The handling is dull the styling is poor and Toyota still think we are all 5" tall and want to sit too high up. Give me a Insignia Mondeo or C5 any day of the week.

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