2013 Audi RS5: First Drive

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That recurring dream, the one that scares the whee out of even 50-year-olds, unfurls from my brain and falls right into my lap as soon as I plug in Audi's jaunty little USB jump drive into the black box.

Is there a test this morning? 'Cause I forgot to study last night, and there's no way I'm reading all of The Stranger on this 16-minute bus ride to school.

Why worry? It's just three or four years since I drove Sonoma Raceway the last time, and nothing's changed, except for the name.

Ooohhh...That's why.

Sonoma's still a technical track. That's the time-honored euphemism for "walls hurt." And today, it's barely toned down, just some cones placed here and there for guidance on braking points.

Why worry? It's just a group of car writers with varied levels of experience, a brace of 450-horsepower Audi RS 5s, and a hard, hot, sunny sky, baking off all the sweat pooling in the black head sock stuck to my head.

Did I mention there's also the RaceKeeper? It's a veritable Tupperware for digital video, perfect for preserving driving memories. Either that or it's the omniscient critic of your every gaffe, always on the record. RaceKeeper's cameras point at you, the mic perches close enough to hang on every cuss word like a church gossip. Even the little red LED "on" indicator light stares up at you without flinching, as if to say, really.

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  1. I've driven RS5 in EU/UK and after reading all the magazines reviews, which confirmed a horror to drive. In the comparison with M3,C63,IS F, and RS5; RS5 came last. Front loads too fast, too much, and front understeers to the point that tires can't handle weight and push hence the dynamics of the RS5 suffers too much. Audi needs to get one thing straight and very fast, if you race with RWD, why not offer RWD as an option and have AWD for handicap drivers. AWD does not make a superior vehicles when it is FWD/AWD. RS5 offers too much on paper but it always shows up last. Audi - look up Porsche (not sibling) how to make Rear Wheel Drive cars and then apply AWD. What a disappointment. Let's hope that owners of these horrid cars have better expe

  2. With the exception of the mid-engined R8, every single Audi produced since 1970 has been based on a FWD platform (with available AWD since the Ur-Quattro) Audi are not about to introduce a RWD platform.

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