Driver Goes Nuts, Tries To Take Out Motorcyclists On Freeway: Video

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Warning: Video contains some NSFW language

As drivers we have certain responsibilities on the road. One of those responsibilities is to not run people over on purpose. Unlike the driver in this video, most of us usually adhere to that rule pretty well.

It's unclear what exactly set off this particular driver but as we see from the onboard camera with this motorcycle, something did. Or perhaps nothing did, and he's just a psycho.

As the vehicular intimidation escalates through the course of the three-and-a-half-minute video, the close calls become closer, with the car actually coming into contact with the filming biker, who fortunately manages to stay upright--though immediately after, he's nearly sandwiched between the car and a big rig.

To be fair, there's a bit of blame to lay on both sides after the first couple of minutes of video, with the bikers displaying their anger and frustration through close fly-bys of the car. They also continue to ride near the car, even chasing it, when sanity and safety would tell them to just get as far away as possible.

As the video closes, the filming motorcyclist manages to pull up next to the stopped car along the side of the highway, and promptly threatens to harm him. It's an understandable, even natural, human reaction, but it's not smart.

The NSFW language starts around the 2:54 mark.
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Comments (12)
  1. so what happen to the guy? is he in a ditch somewhere? or in a jail cell?

  2. To me it looks like the bikes were intimidating/provoking the car driver at the start, maybe even off camera. It appears like they are following/chasing him initially. So many bikers hang in groups and think they own the roads. I'm sure there is another side to this story.

  3. It's really hard to tell and comment as we don't really know what even happened before this footage was shot. Who first started the intimidation?, how did it all began? One things for sure both parties put a lot of lives in danger with this aggression. Hope the coppers see this and instantly dismiss their licences.

  4. You see a driver going nuts. I see a guy being provoked by a bunch of law-breaking crotch-rocket-jockeys. I have never, ever seen one of these bikes actually going the speed limit or driving safely on the highway.

    Does that excuse the driver's aggressive behavior? No -- but I can empathize with him more than the bikers. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by stupid people acting irresponsibly on motorcycles, and every time I see one I hope to be there when he/she makes that last fatal mistake so I can laugh at their misfortune (I feel no sympathy for them). You don't need to try to kill these people, they'll do it to themselves eventually.

  5. If you checked your facts, ~50% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by other vehichles crossing right-of-way of motorcycles. The failure of other drivers to see motorcycles is the predominant cause of motorcycle accidents. Over 2/3rds of multi-vehichle accidents are caused by the other driver, not the motorcyclist.

    Odds are YOU will be reponsisble for a motorcyclists death, not them. I hope that if you do witness a fatal mistake that it is into your driver side door and the cyclist flies over your windshield and walks away from the accident.

  6. Well Michael's statements may have been a bit harsh, but most drivers who crash into motorcycles don't see them because they're small (therefore not much Doppler effect, thus hard to hear coming and hard to see)and that they on average go much faster than most other vehicles.

  7. That is exactly my thoughts. I'm assuming the driver made a mistake, but then instead of letting it go, the guys on the bikes, the cowards they are, all gang up on him. They think they are all tough because they have their mates, but they are all just cowards.

  8. I agree with the author. Clearly if these individuals cared about their lives, they would have tried to get away instead of further provoking this 'crazed' driver. Seen too many people injured or killed for road rage. It's simply not worth it with so many savages on the road. Imagine if he had a gun in there. Just not worth it at all.

  9. he is bitten, no doubt! And he deserved it)

  10. Why? Because he may have been scared for his life? I see the animals on the bikes as the reckless ones here.

  11. I don't care if the bikers were harassing him, there is no excuse for using your car as a weapon.

  12. Who cares what the bikers were doing??? Just because they are driving around like jackasses does not mean that some freak can attempt to murder them with his car!!! what is wrong with you "there are two sides to the story people"??? Not like the bikers posed any threat whatsoever to him or his 5,000 pound car! I would have like to see the biker drag this SOB out of his car and dished a little street justice

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