Car Speeding Down The Wrong Way Of Highway Ends In Crash: Video

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Video footage taken by a man traveling north on a highway in Collins, Mississippi, shows a frightening crash involving another man driving down the opposite side of the highway in the wrong direction.
Taken earlier this month, the footage shows a car speeding down the wrong side of the highway for more than a minute before ultimately crashing into an oncoming SUV.

The person responsible for the crash, reports local station WLBT (via Carscoop), was Edward Fairley, who was traveling alone.

The vehicle he hit, a white SUV, was being driven by local resident Amy Cox who was traveling with a young female passenger.  

It’s unclear how Fairley got onto the wrong side of the highway, or why he didn’t pull over onto the grass despite passing dozens of vehicles before crashing, though local police have suggested that it could have been due to driver distraction and shock. 

He is alleged to have said he doesn’t remember what happened. He has since been charged with reckless driving and no proof of insurance, and police are still awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

Fortunately, there were no major injures for any of the persons involved in the crash. Fairley suffered a broken shoulder and some other minor injuries, while Cox and her passenger were able to walk away from the crash.

As Collins police chief Ronnie Dickinson chillingly points out, this is a situation his officers tend to see all the time.

"Unfortunately, we see that all the time. It's not just the state of Mississippi, it's all over," he explained.

Such incidents tend to support the argument for the introduction of autonomous cars, which has been shown to reduce crashes, though better eduction for drivers is also important.
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  1. Seriously, it's stuff like this that makes me want at least some form of autonomy in cars to be mandated. There are far too many rejects allowed to drive.

    Also, in this day and age there should be systems in place that uninsured drivers shouldn't be able to start their cars.

    Imagine if he killed that poor woman and I'm assuming her child. Thank god no one was killed. He should never be allowed behind the wheel again.

  2. What kind of auto publication promotes the use of autonomous cars?! You've got to be kidding me. Lets hand over our freedom to drive, right along with all the other freedoms we so easily fork over.

    To the commenter below me: Yes, autonomous cars would do well in reducing deaths on the road, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. So many regulations are implemented to reduce the risk to the population at a whole, but at what point do you consider it no longer living. When a computer controls everything including our bodies (which is the ultimate eventuality in a couple hundred years) what's the point of living at all. Each example of a system or regulation to limit freedom in the pursuit of reduced risk makes us more pointless.

  3. I see you have an internet connection in your underground bunker in the desert. I bet you got a couple of tinfoil hats as well... you know, because of all the satelites reading your brain these days.

    I wonder if you have ever lost a loved one due to the actions of a drunk driver, reckless driver or distracted driver... i could go on and on.

    You do realize more than 30,000 people die annually in road accidents in the U.S.?

  4. Zach, I am by no means advocating the introduction of autonomous cars. I am simply pointing out that there is a certain level of support for the technology within the community and that the incident above is one the strongest arguments for it. This is still a news site, which means we cover the issues from both sides of the fence.

    Personally, I feel that there should be stricter levels of enforcement for people who break the rules, tougher licensing tests, and that licenses should be taken away more often from repeat offenders.

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