2014 Chevrolet SS Confirmed As VF Holden Commodore: Official

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2014 Chevrolet SS in NASCAR guise

2014 Chevrolet SS in NASCAR guise

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UPDATE: The 2014 Chevrolet SS has been revealed. Click here for all the details.

Chevrolet, together with officials from fellow GM subsidiary Holden, has confirmed today that the Australian designed and built Holden Commodore sedan will return to U.S. shores as the 2014 Chevrolet SS.

A racing version will compete in next year’s NASCAR Sprint Cup season as the replacement for the Impala.

It will make its official debut at the 2013 Daytona 500 next February.

The production Chevy SS will also make its debut in 2013 before going on sale by the end of that same year.

The car will be based on the facelifted VF Holden Commodore due out in the Australian market towards the end of this year. Some subtle changes are expected for the U.S. version in the same way that the current VE Commodore was tweaked for its role as the Pontiac G8. Importantly, the new SS will be rear-wheel drive, finally ending Chevrolet’s 17-year drought for rear-wheel drive sedans in the U.S.

Speaking at today’s announcement, GM’s North American chief and former Holden boss Mark Reuss said, “I am delighted to say that Chevrolet will deliver a true rear-wheel drive NASCAR race car in the SS that very closely links the performance sedan that will be available for sale.” He went on to add, “The Chevrolet SS is a great example of how GM is able to leverage its global product portfolio to deliver a unique performance experience that extends well beyond the track and I am personally looking forward to driving it.”

2014 Chevrolet SS logo

2014 Chevrolet SS logo

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Few details are known about the new VF Holden Commodore, though it and the Chevy SS it will spawn will both benefit from significant technology advances including innovations in lightweight construction and fuel efficiency. This is expected to include increased use of aluminum in its construction as well as more aerodynamic styling than the current VE model. Underpinning the cars is GM’s rear-wheel drive Zeta platform, the same platform found in the Chevrolet Camaro muscle car and the Commodore’s long-wheelbase cousin, the Caprice, which is already on sale in the U.S. as the Chevrolet Caprice PPV police cruiser.

Serving as Chevrolet’s flagship, the SS will likely be available exclusively with one of GM’s LS V-8 engines, with output coming in at more than 400 horsepower. Both six-speed manual and automatic transmissions are expected and further down the line we could see smaller V-6 engines offered. There have been reports that production of the SS may eventually move to the U.S. if the car proves popular, paving the way for some of the Commodore’s other variants, such as the wagon and El Camino-esque ute, to also be offered. Currently, the high Australian dollar rules out importing these models.

As for the SS name, which is short for Super Sport, Chevrolet has a long history of using the particular designation on high-performance models of some of its most enduring nameplates. The SS designation first appeared in 1957 on a Corvette prototype race car built under the guidance of Zora Arkus-Duntov with the plan to enter it in the Le Mans 24-hour race.

2011 Holden Commodore SSV

2011 Holden Commodore SSV

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Comments (16)
  1. This is awesome news. Can't wait to see what the new VF looks like. Always loved the G8 and was so sad to see it leave. Chevy should have just switched badges on that car when Pontiac was dropped.

  2. Wake me when it goes the way of the NEW GTO........DOA!

  3. Well, who the hell wants or needs a 400 horsepower gas guzzler? Are we mortorist suddenly OK with our ridiculous gas prices? Are we willing to put more of our disposable income into our gas tanks? GM would be wise (but why would they start now?) to but 4s and 6s under the hood. Who NEEDS 400 horsepower?

  4. The people who are buying the dodge HEMI's, the V-8 Camaro's and the v-8 Mustangs. (And a lot others)

  5. This will be a premium product for people who can appreciate the performance, can easily afford the fuel, and most importantly don't whinge about the price.

    GM has a large four-cylinder sedan, it's the Impala.

  6. I have to agree somewhat with Matt Mann. I don't see any reason why it would work better this time around. I am happy to see it however. Now if Ford would make that sexy Fusion a RWD performer and Toyota would just go away, then NASCAR would have relevance in the car market once again.

  7. The GTO was two-door. The G8 was extremely popular. It sold out all inventory and had customers complaining because they wanted a G8 but couldn't get one. Unfortunately, one car doesn't make a brand and Pontiac was failing as a whole. The Holden Commodore is extremely popular in Australia and GM has reason to believe that a US version of that car would sell. The "sexy" Fusion doesn't look even half as good as the VF Holden Commodore does.

  8. People will like this until they see the sticker, then they'll buy something else.

  9. The G8 sticker price was between 30 and 40 thousand. This car is expected to be in the same range. Very reasonable for a vehicle that rivals the Camaro and Corvette in HP and speed and adds the luxury of a 4-door sedan.

  10. @ Nick Hlavaty if you haven't notice v8's are now starting to get good gas mileage. There is not reason why we cant have 400 and 500 horsepower cars and get good gas mileage as well. If you haven't noticed they are starting to turbo charge and supercharge a lot of their cars to get better gas mileage and better performance out of their cars. I can't wait to see the VF come to america, I'm just hoping they use ls9 motor in it.

  11. i hate the thought that chevrolet is stealing/using the same exact car as from holden... and just slapping a chevy emblem on it and thats it? no it has to have actual CHEVY IN IT TO BE A CHEVY... otherwise thats like you guys taking a ford f150 and selling it with Chevy bowties on it -__-

  12. i hate the thought that chevrolet is stealing/using the same exact car as from holden... and just slapping a chevy emblem on it and thats it? no it has to have actual CHEVY IN IT TO BE A CHEVY... otherwise thats like you guys taking a ford f150 and selling it with Chevy bowties on it -__-

  13. You must be logged in to post your comment.

  14. Jared, are you aware that the Holden Commodores run Chevy motors, even in Australia?

  15. So what is the pricing going to be? Having lots of thoughts of a nice pre-owned G8 GT. Maybe save a few thousand dollars and have basically the same car. Thoughts?

  16. This is great news, it has been such a long time that we in North America have had to suffer with front wheel drive sedans. A rear wheel drive other than a BMW is a great addition. Now if GM would bring the Holden diesel Colorado to North America as well it would be a true sign of evolution in the market.

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