Aston Martin's Lagonda SUV Plans Still Alive And Kicking

Aston Martin’s 2009 Lagonda SUV concept was hardly a critical success. In fact, at least one media outlet implored Aston Martin to abandon plans for the large and ungainly SUV.

In the years since, word of an Aston Martin Lagonda SUV seems to crop up every six months or so, which means it’s about time for a new batch of rumors.

This time, Autocar says the Lagonda SUV will be shown as a concept in the next year, with the ultimate goal of launching it to shore up struggling sales of luxury GT cars, like Aston Martin’s flagship DBS.

It’s no secret that the current crop of luxury SUV concepts (like the Bentley EXP 9 F and the Lamborghini Urus) are aimed at the Chinese market. Chinese buyers, flush with cash, can’t get enough of go-anywhere luxury SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne, but have turned a relatively cold shoulder to cars like the Aston Martin DB9 and DBS.

Reviving the Lagonda SUV, therefore, is a way to capture sales in the Chinese market and compete against other high-end luxury marques. If nothing else, it buys Aston Martin time to wait for the recovery of the global luxury sports car market, which isn’t expected to return to pre-recession sales before 2014 at the earliest.

In the words of IHS Automotive analyst Colin Couchman, “The traditional markets for supercars - the U.S. and Europe - are still depressed. Although the Chinese market remains buoyant, that won’t feed through to Aston because the Chinese don’t yet see the value of displaying their wealth through owning an expensive sports car.”

Assuming that the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV does appear on the 2013 auto show circuit, the challenge will be taking it from concept to launch in less time than offerings from Bentley and Lamborghini. Given Aston Martin’s limited resources, that may prove to be the biggest obstacle of all.
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Comments (5)
  1. oh it should have stayed dead, don't know what happen to the designers at Aston. they usually put out the best looking cars in the market. but it seems they cant deal with designing a SUV.

  2. @Enzo, Aston Martin took enough heat over this design that the "updated" Lagonda concept will likely look much different. Besides, someone has to make the Bentley SUV look good...

  3. trust me only a Pontiac Aztek can make that look good.

  4. guys, looks arent always everything int he design stakes (although important). Fiat released about 10 years ago a 6 seater SUV cross that was unbelievably wierd looking sort of one car sitting on top of another, the spiritual ancester to the Skoda Yeti. that car won Euro Car of the year and thousands of plaudits. the Next gen version removed the quirkiness and became a symbol of what not to do when design a next genn of a new car.
    in rgards to Aston designing the best lookign cars on the planet, you may have a point but they are all the same. The formula jsut cant extend to an SUV. Look at what Lambo had to do with the Uros, they thinned the front end meaning there is a massive gap between front bumper and wheel arch !

  5. but u know this (not the upcoming redesign) concept would never do to well when you have rival's like Lamborghini and Porsche SUV.

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