Scion's FR-S Sport Coupe Won't Get Turbo Option: Report

2013 Scion FR-S

2013 Scion FR-S

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Bad news, sports fans: if you’re looking for a factory-built Scion FR-S turbo, word is that no such animal is forthcoming, at least in the United States market.

The problem, as Car and Driver points out, is cost. The Scion FR-S was designed specifically to sell in the mid-$20k range in the United States market. Such pricing is meant to appeal to younger buyers on a limited budget, making the Scion FR-S a “reverse halo” car for the brand.

With the strong Japanese yen and weak U.S. dollar, a turbocharged Scion FR-S would need to sell near the $30,000 price point, and Scion believes that’s simply too much money to attract the quantity of buyers needed to make the car profitable. Sadly, the option of an FR-S turbo in other markets isn’t off the table.

Subaru could potentially get away with a turbocharged BRZ, since it’s priced its base version higher, aimed at a different consumer than the Scion FR-S. That’s not to say that Subaru will definitely go the forced-induction route, since earlier reports had Subaru working on a normally-aspirated BRZ STI.

If there’s good news for Scion FR-S buyers, it’s this: the automaker has confirmed that HKS is developing a supercharger kit, and it may potentially be resold through Toyota dealers under the TRD brand. If the HKS kit fits the Scion FR-S, chances are better than average that it will fit the Subaru BRZ, too.

By this year’s SEMA show, you can expect to see plenty of other bolt-on horsepower options, too. We promise to bring you more details on go-fast parts for the FR-S and BRZ as soon as they’re available.
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  1. I have read somewhere else that because of the engines placement to acheive the weight distribution, it's not even possible to fit a turbo. It's too far back, and too low. They would have to change the way the engine mounts in the car, destroying it's low center of gravity. Even mounting a supercharger is going to be a challenge. If it can be done I would probably buy one. As of now 200 HP is just too little power to weight ratio for me.

  2. @Lamar, from what I've heard, mounting an intercooler is also part of the problem. Expect the aftermarket to solve this without the need to reposition the engine.

    On the other hand, I like Subaru's idea of building a normally aspirated STI version, too.

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