Jeremy Clarkson, On The Bugatti Veyron: Video

If you’ve watched Top Gear long enough, you’ve probably come to the realization that aside from the Toyota Hilux pickup and most Italian sports cars, Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a fan of many cars built outside of the United Kingdom.

While willing to overlook the faults of vehicles from his beloved Range Rover and Jaguar, Clarkson is hyper-critical of cars like the Porsche 911, and anything from the United States (except the Corvette ZR1 and the Ford GT).

One import that Clarkson isn’t critical of is the Bugatti Veyron, comparing its outrageous performance to that of the Concorde SST airliner, or the Saturn V rocket. Sadly, like the Concorde and Saturn V, the Veyron is likely to represent the pinnacle of automotive engineering, and it’s unlikely the world will ever see an equivalent vehicle.

As Clarkson puts it, “There is no longer a place in the world for a car that will, with a twist of the special extra key... consume a set of £10,000 ($15,948) tires in just 300 miles.”

Be that as it may, Bugatti still sells the Veyron Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse models to anyone with the means to afford the $1.7 million price of admission. For the rest of us, there’s the Veyron configurator, which is a great way to waste time building up the Veyron Grand Sport you’ll buy, just as soon as you hit that Mega-Million lottery jackpot.
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  1. i think everybody forgot about the Agera R, the Tuatara and so forth they are way better looking. i think people just got caught up with the price and was like oh its a million plus dollar it has to be the best.

  2. Hi Enzo, i think the inside of the Bugatti is a better place to be and is clearlymore desirable than the Koenegsegseg x infinity, or the Steak Tar tara. if i had the means i would take the Bugatti every day and twice on sundays...that there is no question

  3. Hi, clearly the interior is better but the exterior could use some more work. the brand achieve what only a select few could have, but those few still exist and they are catching up.

  4. good point. The exterior though i think was executed very well. It looks like nothing else out there, being completely original, and that was the intention surely since you are paying a clearly unique proce for the privalage. Its created its only stylign excercise. Same way the Zonda was so mind blowing in its design. unfortunately the other cars are all following well trodden paths. the Tartara is a Ferrari, the latest Pagani is a Porsche 901 racer the Koeneg is the same again as before, and the McClaran is a 14 year old ferrari design. Although not entirely adventurous the design speaks to originality whilst also being functional. A very hard task indeed !

  5. but you got to admit they are pretty good looking more so than than the Veyron.

  6. @ Enzo, not really, in my humble opinion i think the Bugatti is a great looking looks agressive more than beautiful and is completely functional ! i would take one over the others in a heartbeat if i had the opportunity to throw 3 houses worth of ocash at a car !! haha

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