2013 Lincoln MKZ Shows Off Its Massive Panoramic Roof: Video

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So big glass roof panels are not all that special these days--though they are nice. But big glass roof panels that move this elegantly are few, indeed, and this one you'll find on the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.

The video, released today by Lincoln, shows the retractable glass roof in action, gliding silkily open and closed. It even moves on its own, sliding forward eight inches at speeds over 40 mph to minimize wind noise and turbulence in the cabin.

While we'll have to test it ourselves before we issue a final verdict, we have to admit, it looks slick in the video. Hopefully we'll get a closer look when it makes its production debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show next week.

What do you think? Is this feature of the 2013 MKZ enough to sway you toward considering it over the alternatives? Or does the baleen-whale grille and Lincoln image still put you off? Did it ever?

Let us know your thoughts on the issues--or successes--the new MKZ will face in the comments below.

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Comments (4)
  1. yep their image is still putting me off, i know they are trying to change our minds but its not working. now Cadillac on the other hand have my full attention they seem to be hitting the nail on the head.

  2. I can't help but think that this is poorly considered.

    Other outside-opening roof panels are angled like spoilers when open, creating downforce at speed.
    This open glass panel must act like a huge wing at speed, creating lift that could either make the handling unstable and/or gradually weaken the mounts to the glass, eventually blowing the open panel off the top of the car.
    IMO It should have been designed to slide within the cabin, like the Porsche Targa.

    (And no, I can't get past the Baleen/Walrus mustache grilles and MK-Whatever names either)

  3. This is something that Audi should look into with the next-gen A5. It has a huge glass roof, but it teases you because it ONLY tilts...

    Hopefully they figure this issue out with the next model.

  4. That's nice and beast I love those panoramic roof it's a great way to enjoy the air

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